Monday, March 1, 2010

Remember Me-ish Shmorgishborg

So I totally had my proverbial nickers in a big fat twist before I left for work today...I knew at some point pictures of the RM premiere in NYC would be hitting the Twi fan sites at full speed. Sure, I can check them from my desk computer, but I can't access twitter (my go to source for immediate satisfaction) unless I use the communal "employee" computer...and that thing breeds filth & makes me cringe...BUT because I was just itching to find out if Kristen had made an appearance, I swallowed my pride and confronted the germ fest. Immediately I see a post from @KStew411, and it was picture of KStew posing on the RM red carpet!!! I was beyond excited.

Everyone had been speculating as to whether or not she'd attend the premiere. Would this finally be "Robsten's coming out?" Or would she just skip it altogether? I was about 95% sure she'd skip it. And the other 5% of me that thought she would go, was sure she'd lay low and not walk the red carpet. I was mostly wrong. It was reported that Kristen walked the red carpet (pictures to prove it!) & stayed behind obviously giving Rob & Emilie the limelight they deserve...seeing as it was their premiere. But then it was also reported that she met back up with Rob after the red carpet shenanigans and they entered the theater together!!! SQUEEEEE! I still don't get people that say they're on the fence about Robsten, or don't think they're together. I have said it once, and I'll say it a twithousand times...I don't care if you don't give a Crapsten, but come on you non-believers, it's OBVIOUS.

Ok, moving on. Here is a video that was posted by a lucky fan. My face got all hot as I watched it...I was super JEALOUS that she got so close...and I was also fighting back the burning desire in my nether regions.

You might want to turn down your with any fan vid of Rob.

I am so jealous! And, did you hear the girl at the end? She say's something to the effect of "I can't believe I didn't get a single fucking picture!" Same shit happened to me at the NM premiere. I practically lost all self control and forgot how to use my camera. Not to mention all 5"2" of me was almost smooshed to death against the barricade.

So jealous of the bitch on the right...NOT jealous of her tacky nails.

This gives me butterflies...partly because he's soooo adorkable, but mostly because of those incisors!!! Are we sure he's not really a VAMPIRE?

And here is Rob with Emilie on the red carpet...she looks great...Ok, I said it. But I love how you can clearly tell that they are "just" co-stars. (um..i didn't pick this pic cause it wasn't that great)

Rob & Emilie on the RM red carpet...awkward...just sayin'

Woah! How did this pic get here? Hmmm...

I'm in no way implying that I don't like Emilie De Raven. Just havin' a little Robsten fun. Besides Emilie was pretty kick ass in "The Hills Have Eyes." It's one of my favorite sick horror movies of recent years.

Anyways I am totally stoked (dude, I'm from So Cal!) that Kristen was there.

The girl was lookin' fierce! Not sure about the pants, but she could rock a plastic bag.

Sadly, this brings me to the end of the post. But I leave you knowing that I'm about an hour away from watching RPattz on The Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon. Super excited! I LOVE Jimmy Fallon, but wasn't loving the "Robert is Bothered" skit all that much. However, now that I know this is going to happen, I'm all over it!

I'm hoping his pants will conveniently catch on a branch, thus exposing the sparkly peen!

Handsome Vampire.

UPDATE: I couldn't stay up, so I watched it online...for the "Robert is Bothered" skit w/ the Precious...go here. I was LMAO! For the full interview, go here. (hmmm, I kinda like being bossy, maybe Mrs. P is rubbing off on me.)I kid, I kid!

For more pics and vids go to Robsessed



  1. Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, I love Robbie in the morning , which it is here in good old Blighty, loving the pics, ugh at Stew-peds pants ick, is the word, actually I could use that to describe her too, sorry not a fan LMAOOOOOOO. Great post xx

  2. Oh Jen. First, let me thank you for the kind words on my post yesterday.

    Then, let me tell you that I luuuurve Emilie de Ravin - and it's all because of Lost (huge fucking fan here).
    I can't wait to see RM, but I've no idea when it's coming out here. I will have to watch the video when I get home.

    Btw, where did you go see NM? Why were you paralyzed? Who was there? :D

  3. OMG...Poptarrts and I were watching Fallon together on GChat last night and it went kindo f like this:



    Want bad.

    Want really really bad.


    LMFAO. The tree skit was adorable.

  4. I DVR'd all the shows. I can't wait to watch them. They all sound like they went fairly well. I love the Rob in the tree pic with Jimmy. I think it is so great that Rob can get in on the jokes and laugh at himself. Very endearing :)

  5. Just about the funniest skit I've seen! LMAO @ Rob in the tree with Jimmy. He looked so yummy! YUMMY!

  6. What a dif in how they are dressed from the pic of them together you slipped in to this premiere. I guess they are past that "What are you wearing?" "No what are you wearing?" early stage of the relationship.

    KStew leaving JFK...her shirt looks similar to that bottom layer of Robs ensemble that he wore ALL day and into the night yesterday. More silent "i love you"'s to each other?

  7. @Twifiltered brain I totally think it was a silent "I love you" to each other! You read my mind!
    I also think they weren't dating at the Twilight Premiere...however I do think they started hooking up around New Moon filming. Though I'm sure they wanted to f*ck each others brains out during Twi. LOL...I have my crazy theories.

  8. Everything in this post is a win, Jen. Another unbelievable couple of days with Robsten. Woot woot!


  9. @Lisa: Awwww thx Lisa. And, did you see Kristen leaving JFK...possibly wearing his shirt?!? Gaahh..It's like a secret (or maybe not-so-secret)way of saying she loves him. SQUEEE!


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