Thursday, March 4, 2010

I have a simple request...

The other evening, as I was uploading all of the pics from my Dirrrrty 30 b-day bash, I realized something profound...I have a SHIT LOAD of slightly inappropriate pics involving cardboard Edward. You can see one of them here. Come to think of it, Robward-on-a-stick has been put in some sticky situations too. However, Robward-on-a-stick has also had it pretty sweet. I doubt he'd complain much...

He got to chill out inside the comfort of my MK bag while we were in line for the New Moon Premiere...
Westwood, CA.

We even allowed him to share our bed in LA @ the last 100 Monkeys concert.
He made us promise NOT to return w/ Jackson.

Because cardboard Edward might have had it a bit rough (in more ways than one) at my 30th, I tried to make it up to him with a little kiss later that night...

He seemed distracted...

Nope, he wasn't having any of it...sigh...guess my blood doesn't sing to him. Oh well, it made for a great pic now didn't it?

And that, my lady friends, is what I'm getting at...PICTURES. I want to see a picture of YOU & Edward, Robward or Robert. It can be the real thing, (though I may become extremely jealous and choke u through the computer) or it can be you with your mini-E, cardboard-E, a poster...whatev'. I'm sure all of you Twitards already have some sort of incriminating photo(s) of yourself and "The Precious," in some shape or form. The raunchier, the better...though that isn't a prerequisite. Just a fun request.


1) 1 pic, must include you and "him" (if you don't know who I'm talking about, get outta here!)

2) Peeps in the background are ok, as long as the photo is primarily focused on the two of you. (ie party photo)

3) I'd like it to be a pic you already have....come on, I know you ladies have them!!!

Clearly, if you're the "I'd like my face to remain anonymous in this bloggy world type" (ahem...Latchkeywife) that's fine... if you trust me, I'll block out your face. Just tell me to make it ANONYMOUS. If I dig the pic, I'll post it with your bloggy name...minus your ugly mug. lmao. Though I can tell you, it wont make me very inclined to pick yours as my fave. Hey, I'm being honest...

Seeing as I have never done this before, I have no idea how many pics I'll receive. I will however pick my favorite 5...kinda like a freebie 5, but you don't have to bone me :) What will you get for being one of my faves? Well, you'll get your pic on this blog. Hey, we're up to 55 followers (and we love each and everyone of you!!!) ...Hey, we're getting there. Come'll be fun!

Please send 1 pic with your name and blog address (if u have one) to:

Descriptions of said pics are welcome too, u can send them up until Sunday night. My favorite 5 announced Monday.



  1. Well gee, Jen, that's a great idea, except that I don't have a miniE or a FSE, or even E on stick. I will finally meet my miniE tonight, and I definitely plan on having my pic taken with him.

    In the meantime, I do have a couple of "face in the hole" pics with Robward, so I'll hurl them your way.

  2. Oh man, I haven't taken any pics with Robward yet. Sound like it's time ti change that. How long is this contest open. Poptart is trying to decide who the winner is for her contest while I'm still figuring out what to enter. Epic Fail on my part.

    Procrastinators of the world unit. Tomorrow.

  3. Rob on a stick is too funny. I don't know if I have any pictures, I will have to go look. I will get back to you.

  4. Oh Dirty 30th is fast approaching! I'll be sure to send you some of those. Pocket Ed will be in my purse that night for sure! As for incriminating Pocket Ed pics - go check out Pocket Ed in Cuba on my page. Or I can email one to you. Raitz and I drunk in Cuba = one hell of fun night!
    Love the pic of Cardboard Edward!

  5. I am late Twidom bloomer (didn't get into the game till after NM came out in theaters...ssshhh) so I don't have any pics yet, but you have inspired me. My husband always laughs at how secret I keep all of this, but I know he loves it because it's the only blackmail material he has on me.

    I'll see what I can do....Great idea though, can't wait to see all the pics.

  6. OMG, too funny. I can't wait to see the pics. All I have is Mini E, though.

  7. @Honolulu Girl: Anything you've got..just a funny pic with you and Edward/Robward/Rob...

  8. I was so mad when Robward On A Stick made us promise not to bring Jackson back. I started to tell him he could shove his sparkly peen in someone else until Jenni slammed her hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. Jen reasoned that Robward On A Stick wasn't a 'maybe' he was a 'for sure' and that Jackson had to leave for Las Vegas (for the infamous hard rock show) early and that he was more of an 'unlikely'. Ahh... so I obliged... and promised not to lure Jackson back to our room.

  9. I'm seriously lacking in the Robward stand-in situation. I have no Mini E, no FSE, and not even a Rob-on-a-Stick.

    Sorry. I look forward to seeing what people come up with though.

  10. @Jen... I was laughing my ass off while I was writing it. ahhh.


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