Sunday, March 7, 2010

Obligatory Oscar Post

I am not a movie buff. Hell, I barely go to the movies, let alone rent them. I'm not sure if it's a level of immaturity, or a bit of OCD, but I wont watch a movie unless I really really want to see it. I guess I have a bit of a closed mind when it comes to movies. Sad really. This year was the first year I was kind of excited to watch the Academy Awards, considering I ACTUALLY went and saw Avitar. I normally haven't see ANY of the movies that are up for awards...needless to say, I felt pretty damn impressed with myself. As for Avitar, I genuinely thought it was fantastic, but would I have gone back to the theatre and sat through three long butt-cramp inducing hours It's not to say it wasn't just didn't change my Twilight.

...always found this super creepy.

Sometimes I feel like I have been ruined by Twilight. Granted the Twi movies aren't genius...but when you are so wrapped up in the books, the movies become addictive & satiating; the movies bring the books to life...even if they are...not that great.

Anyways, my neighbor "T" invited me downstairs to have a glass of wine & watch the Oscars with her, as her husband was out for the evening. Since notsotwired boyfriend was working, I obliged. Most of the time I think I just want to sit home, wrapped up in my Snuggie & be a twittering, wine-sipping hermet...then I realize a little "girl-time" is sometimes a great thing. We sat on her couch, sipping Pinot Noir, discussing everyone's dresses and movies we had seen, or yet to see. She even kept her mouth shut and let me critique Kristen Stewart....Speak of the devil...errrr Vamp...human...whatev'...KStew looked HOT. Or so I thought (I am positive some of you are shaking your heads in disgust...and I'm totally at peace with that.)

Major girl crush! Here are some pics from tonight...

LOVE her dress. Simple. Classic. Chic.

Her skin is like butta'...

Wow...simply classic. Old Hollywood. Dare I say it? I'm getting an Audrey Hepburn vibe.
Elusive S might kill me for that one. A.H. is one her her all time faves.

I think she looks ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Granted I watched the E red carpet coverage and she was no-doubt acting a teeny bit KStew-ish, but I feel like she was trying to harness her fidgety, blinky ways. I have said it once or twice, and I'll say it a twi-million times...Kristen Stewart "is who she is." She has her standard idiosyncrasies, and though she's learning to be a bit more "collected" during red carpet pics & interviews...she's always going to be KStew...and that my friends, is what I adore about her.

Here are some pics of THE MUTT...errrr...I mean Taylor....18 year old Taylor that is. :)

I always think his lips look like Vagina Lips...Mrs P agrees...

Very cute.

Ruff...ruff...ahem...I mean...oh...sorry. Hey TAYLOR! Wow, lookin' good there kiddo. JUST KIDDING. I thought he looked extremely handsome. I can appreciated Taylor for what he is....but is it just me, or does it look like someone punched him in the face repeatedly as a kid? No seriously, from previous posts you know I adore him. Not as Jacob...but Taylor Lautner...he's a cutie.

Here is a vid of Bella & Jacob....oooops...I mean Kristen and Jacob presenting the Horror Montage at the 82nd annual Academy Awards...aka, "The Oscars."

Ummm...ok, the vid I was about to post will no longer play due to copyright laws & some hubbalub regarding the Academy Awards. Oh well, I'm sure (hint hint hint) if you look it up on youtube, you'll find it.

Anyways, let's not forget the teen-weeny, ultra-dainty Anna Kendrick. Holly balls, I was watching her on the red carpet standing next to Penelope Cruz and some other uber popular actresses, and she looked soooo TINY in comparison!

Love that dress...perfect with her hair & skin color!

Though she didn't win, I have the feeling Anna Kendrick will go far. She has such great comedic timing...I can see her being a Tina Fey meets Julia Roberts. Just my opinion. Ok folks, that's it for tonight. If you haven't sent me a pic of you & Rob (face in-the-hole and the real thing not excluded...) do so now! Here are the rules. You have until Monday at 3pm...come on ladies, I know you have some incriminating pics. Please tell me I'm not the only one!!! LMAO....

Email them here:

Update: KStew at the Vanity Fair after party. WOWZA! She looks AMAZING.

You can find tons more pics here.



  1. Anna Kendrick looked stunning, the best if you ask me - although didn't watch the OScars because they start at 2 am here. The colour of this dress, the style, everything is absolutely perfect on her. The girl has taste.

    I thought Kristen looked really sweet, and that her beauty is so different. Look at Miley Cyrus who's younger than Kristen, yet she doesn't dress her age. That's what I love about KStew.

  2. I thought Kristen looked amazing. I was very nervous for her though when she had to present the Horror films - I was glad Taylor was there to be a calming force. As for Taylor I thought he also looked amazing, perfect tux and such a cutie. Anna looked incredible. Her dress was just perfect from color to cut and her hair was lovely. I really like Anna and I was so proud of her and her nomination. I still have to see the movie but I am really excited for it. She is a lucky girl to have been in movies with Rob and George!

    I hate to say I have no pictures of me and any variation of Rob at all, sorry.

  3. I just LOOOOOOOVE Kristen. I love that she ended up barefoot at the VF after party. My first girl crush ever! I even like her twitchy mannerisms (I've never seen someone with such an eyebrow range of movement, love it!). But am I the only one to think that Taylor is really boring when he speaks? (just so monotone...)
    And sorry, but I don't have a picture with Rob. My family is already sooo close to having me committed for twilight induced craziness, let's not give them any more reasons to.
    Thanks for the awesome Oscars post.

  4. Hey Jen

    they looked gorgeous but I missed Robs presence too much. And she coughed at least she didn't fall. Beautiful and classic for sure. Btw the blue moon pic is awesome and creepy thanks

  5. Kristen looked gorgeous - although I think she always does.
    As my gran said whilst watching it "That girl has the worlds most symmetrical face." LOL and its true.

    Good post.
    Loving the blue moon..I loved Avatar.


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