Friday, March 5, 2010

vid, schmid.

Good evening/morning...obviously depends on when you're reading this...In case you missed Fridays post, check it out here, or just look below this one. It's a contest of sorts, and it's pretty damn simple. So, send me your pics...pretty please... with Rob on top???

Anyways, normally I'm not a huge video watcher. I generally try and catch most, if not all of Rob's TV interviews. The popular ones such as Jon Stewart, Ellen, The View (gag) and so on...but with the press junkets that go on, it's hard to keep up...putting it in simpler terms, I'm super impatient. That being said, I stumbled across this video tonight. It's "Artist on Artist w/ Robert Pattinson and Pierce Brosnan." I happen to love Pierce Brosnan & had a bit of time to kill before bed, so I gave it a looky loo. What I love about this particular video, is that you feel as though you're in the room with Rob...& as you are in that room, you notice that his hair progressively gets messier and messier and messier. The hair combing thing w/ his fingers must be a nervous habit. Anyhoo, it's worth watching when you have some time. PS I LOVE when Robert Pattinson says his own name. It flows melodically right off of his Brittish tongue...mmm RPattz tongue...

Watching him run his fingers through his hair gave me the overwhelming urge to do this...

1 handed tux

1 handed Caines

1 handed...young Rob? Hot damn...never seen this one before.

2 handed!! Remember Me.

And my favorite hands in the hair pic. *droooool*

And in case you might not have run across these new pics...I will provide them for you, free of

Rob on the set of Bel Ami in London...w/ his body guard...we'll call him "Nigel."

Remember Me after party at the Plaza Hotel in NYC.

I'm diggin' that KStew changed back into her "go-to" clothes...that is sooo something I would do! At my 30th, I put on my PJ's around midnight. I couldn't stand being in my skirt and tank top anymore...Looks like she's chillin' with Rob, his manager Nick, and some other unidentified person. Nonetheless, it looks like they're having fun! So jealous.

You can check out these pics are more at Robsessed.



  1. Hi Jen

    I'm super excited about this video. I love these types and the moviefone ones too. Can't wait to watch it. I love Pierce too (remember my previous post - he really isn't dead to me but just sort of replaced.


  2. Oh god...I love Bel-Ami Rob, and I am giggling at the giant P pointing at his head.

  3. Wow. Great video & pics. Rob looks perfect in his period costume. Bet he would look good out of it too. wink, wink,

  4. Seriously girls, I am digging his Bel Ami costume. He could push me up against a wall and be a freaky Frenchy man-whore to me hands down, or up ...wink wink.

  5. My entire IRA is going to 'freaky Frenchy man-whore' Rob. Hells yeah! (With the recent economy, hope he has some bargain deals cause the IRA won't float much! LOL)

  6. uh so am I retarded or is that the most straightforward bit we've had in regards to BD? It is SO being made... "at the end of the year"... the debate is now just in regards to the number of films it is made into? Man I feel lame, out of touch... but he said it! He SAID it... end of the year... Bitches.

  7. Gah!!! More fav pics of Rob and a video I can't watch. I am enjoying being with my son on his baseball spring training trip, though, so I can't complain too much.



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