Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where's Waldo...I mean theTwilight kids?

Here's Jackson Rathbone, aka Mr. MOS. He made an appearance at the Kids Choice Awards tonight. I think it's cool he took the time to do that, considering he's currently on a 100 City Tour with his awesome band 100 Monkeys. F*ck me! How did Elusive S & I miss this?!? Also in attendance were Taylor Lautner, and Nikki Reed.

Hellooooo Sexy crooked damn!

So F*ck-Hawt!

Is that a fairy-hand Tay?
Lookin' good...mutt.

Nikki Reed. Love the dress on her!

If Rosalie had been a brunette in the book,
Nikki would have been PERFECT. She's a beautiful girl.

Meanwhile, the ever-so-adorable Ashley Greene has been busy filming "Apparition" in Palmdale, CA.

Maybe if I started eating an apple a day, I'd look like Ash...wouldn't hurt right?

Do ugly days even exist for this girl? She is stunning.

Cutie Kellan Lutz has been keeping busy as well. He recently completed a Triathalon in Puerto Rico for charity, & of course, continues to maintain that yummy physique.

Here's KLutz at producer Randall Emmetts <~~ tee-hee, Birthday bash at STK. you see what I see?
P.S. Nice nips.

(I apologize in advanced if this offends anyone...wait, no I don't...)

Rob...where art thou? Rob??? Oh, there you are...
For HE has risen!
(sparkly-peen? I wish.)

We are close to Easter right? ...wait, is that the right holiday for my Jesus reference? F*ck me, I don't know...I'll leave the religious talk to someone who actually knows.

Anyhoo, apparently Rob was recently (today?) in Budapest filming for Bel Ami.

RPattz with some lucky BIOTCHES (errr... fans) in Budapest.
P.S. um...if he's that tall, he MUST be packin'! :)

Leaving "The Lyric" in London...
*Jaw porn*...num num num...

(P.S. I hate that he looks "annoyed"...but the jaw porn was too good not to post!)

Hope you enjoyed this little re-cap...I know we're missing some peeps, but I'm feeling LAZY. Maybe we'll catch up with them later, when I'm not so zonked.



  1. How tiny are those standing by him at the Budapest airport? Holy hell!


  2. Just saw some typos and hopefully got them all. This is what happens when I try to blog while zonked. Perfect.

  3. I think my ladybits are that a symptom of Jacksonitis? I may be coming down with it. These pics of him, OMG...just LOOK at that smile and those eyes. Holy hell!

    Nikki is just stunning with her natural hair color. Barely recognize her.

    I still love me some Kellan. I've never liked the blonde hair but that jogging pic makes me want to grab two handfuls of it!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. It is a shame that the blonde hair changes Nikki's look so much. She is gorgeous.


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