Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Official Eclipse Poster

June 30th, 2010...SQUEEEE!

Woot Woot! Check that out, it's the NEW official Eclipse poster. I think it looks pretty snazzy...ish. Ok, I LOVE how "Bella" looks! She appears more mature, and a bit sultry. (probably from all that pent-up sexual frustration!) But, I am not lovin' Edward & Jacob (who cares about the mutt anyway?)...they look slightly "Zombie-ish." Please tell me David Slade didn't F this up. Please?! Since I'm so worried, I figured I'd write him a little note. Here it goes...

Dear David Slade,

Just because you created some kick-ass looking Zombie/Vampire thingies for 30 Days of Night...doesn't mean we need to envision our precious Edward that way. I'm getting nervous David...I really am. Please tell me you didn't F this up...please!?
Eclipse is my favorite book...in fact, I am re-reading it now, for the 4th or 5th... or maybe even 6th time! I will be absolutely heartbroken if I am all of a sudden scurrred of Edward onscreen. Edward is supposed to look like the mythical Greek God Adonis...have you seen Twilight and/or New Moon? Have you? Take a gander at these:

Panty wetting Twi Edward.

Orgasm worthy NM Edward.

David, please tell me this isn't Eclipse Edward...

Oh right, that's the dude from 30 Days of Night...

To be perfectly honest, that movie was "alright," at best...which in turn increases my nervousness that Eclipse was placed in your supposedly capable hands. I sincerely apologize if I'm coming across as rather harsh, it's just that I feel so protective over this particular book...

I fear it's a little late to be lecturing you, so all I can do now is pray to the Twi-gods.

Twired Jen...a true Twitard.

What do you ladies (men?) think? Are you at all nervous from what you've seen so far? Or are you just the type that's going to roll with it and keep an open mind? Tell me in the comments!

ADDED LATER IN THE EVENING: The Evolution of Twilight. Pretty neat...not so neat when you look at the 3rd pics. Hmmm, well except Bella, I still think she looks good.

Notice they didn't put their names on the second two posters...

***Tomorrow I'm off to Palm Springs. Don't have internet on my phone (GASP!) Not taking lap top (GASP!) I'm sure Elusive S will pop in at some point. I'm thinking of giving 17foreverlisa my cell # in case anything cataclysmic happens in the Twi world..hmm..
See you Friday :) XOXO J

*Source: Eclipsemovie.org, IMDB


  1. Nervous.
    Do love Bella's look.
    Nervous about the rest.
    And the slumber party better be included in the film.

    And the grad party? Anybody?

    Eclipse, also my fave book... also feel almost OCD protective of this particular film. After watching NM w/Chris Weitz' commentary I really like him and feel like I might really miss him for Eclipse... Maybe he'll come back to do BD... bcz of all the CGI stuff they may need him!

  2. That’s funny. I hope that David Slade doesn’t mess this up too. Is it just me, or does Jacob always look plastic in all his photos?

  3. "Who cares about the mutt anyway" LMAO!! Oh TJ just for that I will never question Robsten again!

    I'm lovin' Edward. I'm always lovin' Edward.

    Here is how I would have prefered this poster...Edward on one knee proposing to Bella.

    That's all.

  4. I love this poster. I refuse to overthink what Slade might have fucked up. I'm being a spoiler slut, but reserve judgment until July 1. Otherwise I will lose my g.d. mind. ;) Love your letter, though.

  5. Is it bad that I don't like the poster? I'm worried in general bc of her wig.

  6. I also can't help but be nervous. It's natural. But I'm hopeful that maybe the David Slade "darker" thing may only apply to Victoria's army of newborn vamps. And maybe to make the fight scenes more "monsterly" authentic.
    Cuz, I'm sorry, but the boy has GOT to know if he fucks with Edward, he'd have millions of women stalking him to his death.

  7. LOL --Panty wetting Twi Edward? Orgasm worthy NM Edward?... Hopefully in Eclipse we'll get some sexy leg hitching Edward! --'Causing both, spontaneous orgasms and deluged panties.

    As for the Eclipse poster? Not really feelin' it. Its kinda boring... another promo shot of all of them just staring at the camera. I'd rather see an action still or some posing that illustrates the storyline. But Bella does look absolutely stunning and Edward?... Well, even when he's brooding.. still manages to pull off the F#$* Me eyes. And Taylor, well you said it best 'who cares about the mutt anyway?' hehe

    I really hope Slade hasn't effed up Eclipse 'cause its my favorite book too! Although, even with that creeptastic 30 Days of Night makeup, Robward could rock it and still look f*#@hawt.. just sayin'

  8. @HG, come to think of it...YES, Taycob does look plastic!

    @TC, I actually don't think it looks like she's sporting a wig in the poster...I was impressed. Though I'm also super worried about that still I saw of her in FL. It looked as though she had a hairy drowned rat on her head. Grrrreat.

    @MB, he he he "otherwise, I will loose my g.d. mind!" <~~~AMEN!

  9. I actually like the poster now that I have looked at it a few times...plus the rest. I like that Bella is out the front, all assertive and independent looking and the two boys behind her. Love Edward anyway I can get him but Jake/Taylor has never done anything for me (too uncomfortably close in age to my oldest son...maybe and the plasticyness...plus I saw him in the vapid Valentine's Day and that was it...never gonna be a fan)

    Eclipse is by far my favourite book of the 4 so Slade better bloody do a great job of it...

  10. Before I even started reading your post, I was displeased about the fact that both Edward and Jacob have more makeup on than Bella. WTF!

    Personally, I like Twilight Edward the best. But I will have to wait and see Eclipse before I can be 100% positive about this.

  11. I think he looks the best yet! He was too pasty pale in the 1st one. The second too sad this one he looks more like chizzled stone. I just wish the look on his face was a little more confident. I feel the same way about not screwing it up. This was my favorite book and I hated the 1st preview. No passion or intesity! They have got to get the passion right in this book and the sexual tension. I also can't wait to see the boy banter between Jacob and Edward. Three scenes that are a must for me. The engagement bedroom scene! Sigh! The 1st scene when she wakes up in his bed. Then the scene where she breaks her hand hitting Jake and Edward racing to get there when he finds out. I hope this movie shows Edward more in depth that the flat moody depressed guy like NM did.

  12. I love the evolution photo you posted - showing all 3 character's posters for the 3 movies. I think they all look better now.

    The Eclipse poster is ok. Nothing fabulous but nothing bad either.


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