Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's that noise you ask?

Oh, it's just me, crying. Holy Hell, I am going to ball my eyes out during Remember Me...I can see it now. I'm already a sap when it come to movies like this, add the overwhelming feelings Rob provides me, and it will surely be a snot-fest. I was really conflicted about seeing this movie...LatchkeyWife will attest to this. It's just that I have never seen Rob in a movie where he's romantically involved with someone other than Kristen Stewart. But I have given it quite a bit of thought...and it's just a movie. Seeing as I am 100% positive Rob and Kris are together in real life, I can justify seeing him in Remember Me w/ Emilie. Warped sense of justification you say??? Oh well, it makes me feel better.

So tonight while I was in the middle of watching that freaky-ass Duggar family on "19,000 kids & Counting", this graces my TV...The music tugs at my heart strings...and well Rob, he tugs at other things ;)

Remember Me Exclusive TV Spot

Trailer Park Movies | MySpace Video

Disclaimer: I promise not all my posts are going to be Robsten related...it's just that I have been busting at the seams with all of the Robsten spotting lately. So unless they announce the arrival of a ROBSTEN LOVE CHILD, I'll try to get back on a more even playing field. I said try.

Back to business...Tonight I also came across some pics of Rob and Kristen leaving JFK...at separate times of course...Rob is headed back to jolly ol' England (I can poke fun, since NST Mom is from there) & Kristen is headed back to Los Angeles...I assume.

Everyone is saying this is Rob's shirt.

Not sure about that, you can check out a comparison over at Twifans. I'll let you decide for yourself. Twifiltered brain, one of my lovely followers, commented that it's as if it's her secret way of saying "I love you" to Rob. I squeeeeee at the thought, however, I think it's her "not-so-secret" way of saying I love you to him. Like a not-so-subtle hint that they are together...without saying it out loud.

"Say you took my shirt. Say it....OUT LOUD!"

He he he. And here is Rob leaving JFK tonight heading back to London to finish filming Bel Ami. Can't wait to see if any more set pictures surface. I was quite digging the "Frenchy Rob" look.

"Au revior Rob"...look at his expression, he's shocked I'm speaking French.
Oh Rob, it's not the only thing I can do...

Ok...10 more days until REMEMBER ME!!! YIPPEE!!!

You can check out the rest of the pics at Robsessed.


  1. ok, so i will remain unafiliated as far as the whole robsten, nonsten, i don't give a fucksten. sorry...i f bombed, well no i'm not. i just don't set out to offend peeps. it's a natural occurance. ;)
    rob can and should bonk whomever he chooses...
    having said that, i'm pretty certain that RM is going to ruin me.
    over and over.

  2. I can't wait to watch RM, because I think it's going to be a good movie actually. Still haven't checked when it's coming out here.

    I hate that dirty Rob look. He looks like a hobo, and that is NOT appealing to me.

    I am not going to debate whether that is Rob's shirt, although, it quite possibly could be. But, my heart breaks when I see these photos of Kristen. Why can't the paparazzi leave them the fuck alone? She can't even have a moment's peace.

  3. It is SOOOOOO Rob's shirt. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Maybe he's a hobo because he wanted Stew's stench to remain on him for the lonely ride home. UGH... That's just disgusting. I hope that's not the case and he's just too lazy to clean-up properly.

  4. You nearly made me pee my pants with the "Out Loud" comment! LMAO! To funny. I used to be suspicious of the whole Robsten thang, but I'm warming up to whole idea. She's still awfully young (so is he but I'm not admitting that just yet). As for RM - I'm not running to the theatre to see it but I will wanna watch it as soon as it comes to DVD!

  5. LOL for the "out loud" caption!

    I am ready to see Remember Me. I like movies like this, always have, and the fact that one of my newest favorite actors is in it, just makes me want to see it all the more.

  6. bahahahah "say you took my shirt, say it out loud!"

  7. See this JFK pic just supports my theory that the shirt in the meadow pic KS is wearing is Rob's! Maybe even the leg hitch shirt, too! Cuz now its a def pattern!!!

    but good for them if they are trying to get around some Summit gag order.

    LOL--your caption! When I saw the pics of KS I was thinking of Rob's commentary in Twilight when he pointed out his shirt in the 2nd bio scene--priceless tidbit.


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