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Ask Twired Jen, intallment #2!

I am totally loving answering these questions! If you have yet to ask a twi-related question, do it in the comments. I will answer all :)

First up, one of my bloggy besties, 17foreverlisa:

Q. Question: If you actually get close enough to have Rob sign something when you go to the Eclipse premiere, what do you hand him to sign?

A. I’d find a copy of either one of these pictures & have him sign it...then much to NST boyfriends dismay, I'd frame it. Though to be honest, I'd much much rather have a pic of me and The Precious, vs. an autograph.

My mind goes to dirrrrty places every time I see this pic.

Simply divine.

I considered answering that I'd whip out one of my boobs for him to sign. I joked with Lisa about this & she said that might not be a good idea considering the amount of bubble baths I take... ;)

Next up, the twin I've never met, who looks nothing like me,
Musing Bella!

Q. If you HAD TO completely recast the movies, who would you cast as the main characters? Stay tuned to my blog for my answer to this. (P.S. You can use the current actors, but not in their current roles.)

A. I wouldn’t...but if you were threatening to banish Robert Pattinson from this earth unless I answered...well then...I must proceed... (kidding )

Though I think KStew was perfect, Alexis Bledel could definitely pull off Bella as well...just throw some brown contacts in and voila! She has the same heart shaped face/high forhead that was described in the books...

Blake Lively as Rosalie! She could DEFINITELY pull this off. She's a beautiful girl. No offense Nikki, but you look gawd-awful as a blonde. And, Rosalie is supposed to be tall & statuesque...
Nikki...not so much.

Rachel Leigh Cook as Alice. Again, I thought Ashley did a great job, but I pictured someone a tad less stunning...and Ashley Greene is stunning.

*Ok sorry MB, I cannot for the life of me try & replace those boys...can’t do it. Forgive me?

We forgive you.

Here comes Sparkle for Twilight!

Q. If you could live out one scene in the books which would it be? (And no you don't have to be Bella; like if you wanted to be Rosalie in the scene where she comes back as a vampire and murders her ex-fiance, then sure lol) <~~~~LMAO!

A. But I wanna be Bella...bad! I imagine most people would say either the “leg-hitch” in Edwards bed, or the “Isle Esme sex”...but I have to go with Edward and Bella’s first kiss by the truck after his reveal in the meadow. There is nothing quite like a first kiss...

Though I loved the first-kiss scene in Twilight, I would have liked to see the first-kiss scene after Edwards reveal in the meadow, next to Bella's truck.

Tongue Twied asks me a question too. And, it's a double!

Q. If you found out you could only have 1 of these books to read for the rest of your life which would you choose:

Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn COMPLETED Midnight Sun

A. Thought Eclipse is my favorite book, and I LOVED what I read of MS...I have to say Twilight. I love getting to know Bella & Edward over and over again each time I read it; as well as reliving their “early-times.”

And bonus question: Q. What is your ONE favorite Edward line from all of the books?

I wish he would have said the following in the movie...(I'm pretty sure it was said in one of the last chapters of New Moon, too lazy to get the book)

A. “Before you, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars - points of light & reason. And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire, there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black.” -Edward Cullen

I'm a total sap for romantic poetry.

Last but no least, the lovely Edwardsisobel!

Q. Which character from the books do you wish had a larger role/more detailed background in the books/movies?

A. In the books, Alice... I just adore her character. She’s whimsical & seems to be great best friend material. We don't get to learn much about her, mainly because she can't remember her human life. Every time I read Eclipse, I find myself wanting to hang out with Alice at the slumber party.

I bet she used this to paint Bella's toe nails!

In the movies, Jasper. I think we should have seen more of him in both Twi & New Moon. They’re supposed to delve deeper into his background in Eclipse...but until I see the movie, it remains to be seen if they gave him enough face time. (Hear that David Slade ?) Then again, with the hair I have seen, I’m not sure if I want him to have more face time. You have all seen the pictures, so I'll spare you for now.

Once again, that was a ton of fun! Thank you ladies! *MUAH*


Musing Bella

Sparkle for Twilight

Tongue Twied

& last but not least,

Edwardsisobel (a lovely faithful follower!)

Stay tuned for installment #3!



  1. I KNEW IT!!! I don't know how but I knew you were going to pick that Edward line! sigh! It is the epitomy of Edward!

    I wasn't sure on the book I was trying to throw you a curve ball with MS completed version.

    All great answers-agree on your recasts!

    This is a fuck-ton of fun!

  2. Total WIN for the ladies' recasting! I am going to let you slide on not recasting the boys, but I suppose this means you'd be okay with RPattz being banished from the Earth, so...


    I love the other answers, agree with Alice needing more depth in the movies! I lurve Alice!!

  3. Aww you're so sweet! I agree with your choices too, Alice and Jasper are just two characters that I needed to know more about - I have written some fics and in each one my mind automatically gravitates to putting Jasper in a uniform (cop, West Point Instructor...)Can't help it - but I always picture his hair from twilight....shudder at the new pics!

  4. I think you recast the girls perfectly. Huh, who would've thought it could be done? good call.

  5. I kept thinking of Alexis Bledel too! This was when I didn't even know who was cast in the movies even though the movie was already out, I just never paid any attention. I wrote about this a long time ago, but I thought that Laura Ramsey would have been a good Rosalie being a fairly unknown actress. I read Stephenie originally thought of Rachael Leigh Cook as well, but I think Ashley is so perfect as Alice (aside from the height discrepancy). I even love the way her voice sounds. Maybe I'm biased because I got to meet Ashley once and she was so nice ;) I wish Stephenie had written a book on Alice instead of the doomed Bree, I love her character in the books.

    First kiss, that would be my answer as well. Or maybe someone rescuing me in their volvo lol.

  6. @Sparkle: You are so right about Alice. I think Ashley's voice is so perfect. It matches the silvery chimes Stephenie Meyer describes.

    As for me though, I didn't start reading Twilight until AFTER the movie came out. So I already knew who was playing them..because Elusive S gave me the movie-version paperback book...I couldn't help but picture all the actors. I never really had a chance to create them in my head. But, ingorance is bliss. I don't know any different, and I pretty much think everyone was PERFECT...aside from Rosalie.

  7. If you get an autographed photo, damn straight you're framing it for all the world to see!

    I was the exact same way, Jen. I saw the movie before I read the books, so I never pictured anyone else in the roles.

    Loving these posts!



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