Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inner workings of my brain...

As I was perusing my daily dose of Twifans &, I noticed Kristen Stewart not only attended the NYC Runaways Premiere this week, but also flew to TX for the SXSW music festival for further promotion of the movie. Lucky biotch JJ from Twitarded is there as we the flesh. Wonder if she caught a glimpse of KStew? Doubt it. I'm sure JJ would do a drunken "duck n' cover" maneuver...just in case KStew recognized her as "the chick from that site that featured Robward Panties." LMAO!

Pattinson Panties/Robward Undies...whatev'. I still WANT some.

Anyhoo, I don't know how these celebs do it...jetting off from one place to the next. Magically they always look amazing...never tired. Granted I'd probably look that way if I had someone to doing my make up 24/7, as well as giving me Vitamin B shots in the ass etc...Nah, who am I kidding...If I don't get at least 8 hours of sleep, I'm an absolute disaster.

I''m like this EVERY morning.

This got me thinking....When I'm running low on fumes, I get SUPER EMOTIONAL. I swear I'll just cry at the drop of a hat....or at some completely inappropriate moment. I can't help but wonder if KStew gets like that? Probably not cause she's super bad-ass. But here she is, doing all of her Runaways promotions, while Rob is across the pond promoting Remember Me & filming Bel Ami. It's been what...3 weeks since they have seen each other? I can't remember when the LA RM premiere was... sorry.

I wonder if she'll fly to London soon? I wonder if she ever goes back to her hotel room, sits in the bath, and has herself a really good cry cause she misses him. HELL, I would. But I'd also wear a shit eating grin all the time knowing he was mine. Case and point:

NYC Runaways premiere.

SXSW festival.

....and meanwhile, Rob just get's drunk. JK (?)... but who could blame him if he was? Ok, I'm not saying he was tore up or anything....but what better way to beat exhaustion, than to just drink it away?....I hope he had himself a good nights sleep that night. I hope. Poor exhausted, buzzy Rob. Wonder if he misses KStew? She's been lookin' mighty spicy lately...

mmm...want some Spicy KStew....and a good nights sleep!

OK, I admit it. I'm dying for some Robsten action. I feel deprived! With that said, I leave you with this. It's an old vid...but I love it. And I know one of my bloggy besties Lisa, at 17foreverlisa, will LOVE IT TOO. Oh, and if you give a huge smelly Crapsten like we do, skip to .58 sec...look at both R & K...soooooooo ADORABLE!

P.S. IF KStew & RPattz every break up *GASP!* from their non-admitted relationship, I think I'd cry, maybe even crawl into bed for a while to wonder what went wrong... I know, it's utterly ridiculous that I even care. But I do... There, I said it.



  1. I’ve never seen that video. That was so sweet...

  2. I love love love that video - thanks for sharing. It sounds so stupid, but I care too about a relationship that may or may not exist and has nothing to do with me.

    I guess the idea of them having someone else who understands and can share that craziness with, is very cool. Good for them. And if Rob ever looked at me like the way he looks at her, dear lord I would need a few pairs of those panties to sop up the mess!

    I'm still super bummed about missing the Premiere last night at SXSW, but oh well. What happens when you're not in the know. :)

    Happy Friday! And yes, sleep es muy importante. I become a raging bitch if I'm tired or hungry. It's amazing how KStew and the gang keep up with it all. (That's why I didn't expect them here for SXSW - they were just in NY the night before and come on, it's Austin for goodness sakes, not LA or London!)

  3. LOVE that video - they are too cute. I, too, give a Crapsten, and I like the idea that they can take solace in each other. (Also, I met every one of my boyfriends - including TH - and most of the men I was casual with in my wilder days through the theatre, almost exclusively other actors in shows. And although they are on a MUCH different level of the acting world than I was, some things never change.) Thanks for posting that video!

    And I'm with you on the sleep - I could use more right now, in fact. Watch out, coworkers!

  4. sweet. I'm team don't really care...lmfao. I know that's probably a horrible thing for a Twilight freak fan to say but I don't. Cool if they are together, cool if they are not. I still love them both.

  5. Robsten? Is that still happening? Did you see him narrow in on that blonde at the UK premiere red carpet and walk on over to her? Hmmmmmm...

  6. Jen, I puffy heart you and your Robsten love, and you know it! What a beautiful video and awesome song choice. The way that they look at each other? *sigh*

    Our boy was toast(ed) at the premiere, but he's 23 -- working hard and playing hard. Love it!



  7. @TongueTwied...I think that was his Sis :P
    @Stoney... I so WISH I didn't care. Cause I might jump off a cliff like Bella if they ever break up.
    @Musingbella...You used to act in theatre huh? Tell us more!
    @ATXgal76...that's why you read my blog, so you can be more IN THE KNOW! lmao...jk Wonder if JJ saw KSte???

  8. she does just *glow* - gotta admit it! i look like ass when i travel but she's got that problem licked, clearly. i haven't heard of any run-ins with JJ & Kstew (but i did choke when i saw the pic of the undies on my blogger dashboard - lol!).

    : )

  9. @STY, didn't mean to make u choke ;) I'm sure it's been a while since you've seen those infamous undies.

  10. Kristen definitely has been looking amazing for all the Runaways coverage. Whoever is choosing her dresses is doing an excellent job. And her eye make up (which we have discussed before) has been even more incredible than usual. I saw her on Jimmy Fallon and I wanted to take a screen shot and have someone recreate her eye makeup on me (although I doubt it could look as good as it does on her).

  11. @Dandrdafne, I feel the same way about her. I don't absolutely LOVE her dresses, but they looks great on her. Minus the Jimmy Fallon one. Didn't like the way that one fit her. I prefer her in the tube top style. But that eye make Wonder who her make up artist is? She does have amazing eyes, in and of themselves!

  12. I exist on little sleep but I don't look as good and fresh as they do. I think she does sit in the bath and cry too.
    The rob drunk pic you chose was awesome. It made me think exactly to how it feels to be that buzzed and then wondered how easy it would be to lure him into a corner and have my way with him in that state. Barring any vomit action on his part of course.


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