Monday, March 8, 2010

Indecisiveness is my middle name.

Naturally I am a very indecisive person, so of course I couldn't decide which 5 (out of the 7) pictures to post. Plus, I felt bad about leaving anyone out. Maybe I suck at this? Anyhoo, I requested that you email me a pic of you & Rob, Robward or Edward. Sadly, no one had a pic with them and the "real-thing." Maybe that was good, I might have jumped through my lap top in a jealous rage...

I never thought to mention that "face in the hole pics" were accepted as well...luckily some of you figured that out on your own...

Drum roll please.....HERE ARE THE PICS!!! (in abso-fucking-lutely no particular order)

Cue the wedding bells ladies, & exercise those vocal chords...

"HERE COMES THE BRIDE, ALL DRESSED IN WHITE........" Holy shit, it's Stan and......ROB? See how she grips Rob's sword firmly, yet delicately...impressive!

"Stan" from Twisted Edbrella

This next one nearly had me on the floor LMAO. I'm sure we have all seen this picture before, but little did we know it's not Anna's the lovely JELENA, gettin' loved & licked on by Hobo-Pattinson himself! What a lucky girl! How's his breath Jelena?

Now here we have a picture that would have won if their was a such a thing as "Most Romantic" picture. It looks like the cover of a trashy romance novel! Great job ATXgal76...if only Rob almost had his head in my crotch...*sigh*...

Kim aka ATXgal76 (look for her on twitter!)

This lady is one of the kindest women out there...and seeing a picture of her just confirms this. The picture she sent in was taken in her husband's niece's room. Bonus points for incorporating mini-E. I think Mini-E is telling Robward that he looks like he needs to take a big fat dump (if u look closely, he's even plugging his nose!) Great job Lisa!

Lisa from 17foreverlisa

This next gal threatened to send Victoria after me if I didn't mention that she she forgot to clean up the kitchen before taking this pic. was an 80's party!!! Hence the party food on the counter. Aren't you diggin' the crimped hair and teeny bopper poster of Edward? LOVE IT mmMoxie!

mmMoxie from Twilightsagapalooza

Some people are crafty by nature...they're always ahead of the game and outsmarting you. That, my friends, is the lovely Mrs. P! She hid her face so I wouldn't need to crop it. Smooth move. Here she is slipping "poster Robward" some tongue. Wonder what else she pressed against his face....?

Mrs P. from Twibite

And last, but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST is a group shot...the only one I got...and like Mrs. P, she did the legwork and blurred her friends & families faces. Edward doesn't look like he's in the mood for an orgy, but I'm sure Twilightcupcake sweet talked him into it. That little lady is quite naughty!

Twilightcupcake @ twilight, travel, and treats

That about wraps it up. Thank you to all those who participated! XOXO!!! I might do this again in a few mos, so I expect you to grab that camera and go to work. If you're not "out" you're welcome to hide in the closet or bathroom with Rob & snap a pic.

Anyways ladies, here is my way of saying THANK YOU: This is one of my favorite Rob tribute vids. The pics are sexy as always, and I totally dig the song.




  1. Great pictures - I love them all. We are a fun bunch! Hopefully I will have something to send you the next time you do this :)

  2. thx @Dandrdafne...I hope you do too! Now GET TO WORK! jk..xo

  3. Omfg...How did I miss this contest??? sheesh.
    **hangs head in shame**
    You can bet your sweet ass that I will make an entry next time.
    All the pics were killer!! I must say, It's satsifying to (sorta) put faces with names.

    I promise I'll (try to) pay closer attention.

  4. This is just fabulous. It was nice of all of you ladies to share your pics with the rest of us!

  5. Love this - So good.
    Sorry I didnt take part - busy busy busy.


  6. Oh Mrs. P - so shy.

    It's cool to put faces with names.

    Yes...lots of food and lots of alcohol at our 80's just can't see the booze table in that pic.

  7. Love the pics, I have one, if we’re doing another round.

  8. Y@Honolulu Girl: YES I will definitely do another round...I'll prob give it another month to encourage ppl to take some funny pics. I love FACE IN THE HOLE, but this time it won't be an option. :)

  9. Hey, I love these pics. So awesome. Sorry I was too busy to give you anything but that face in the hole thing. I'm still playing with miniE. I did take a photo, but have to upload it.

  10. Great pics! I love putting faces to names. Happy times...

    I totally missed this contest. Not sure how. Although I am pretty effing lazy and would have probably thought about entering for a really long time and then just said screw it. Too much work. Just ask @Poptarrts.

    Love you ladies.

  11. I have no Rob porn at my house. My husband would find it and cry (such is life married to a younger man). ;)

  12. @BiteME - Now you're just bragging. :p

  13. yall are funny loved the video


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