Monday, March 15, 2010

Rob, crotch?

Look, listen & swooooooon.

Believe it or not, I had not seen this up until a month or so ago. I believe it was Lisa over at 17foreverlisa that posted it. I wonder if it's possible to have a spontaneous orgasm? Seriously, this mans voice is my own personal porn. Yes ladies (who have not seen/heard this) it's our oh-so-dreamy Robert Pattinson. Are your panties on fire yet? Mine spontaneously combusted 3 minutes ago.

Gawd, if only he would decided to do a random about the The Viper Room Rob? Surely Elusive S & I would drive up there in a heartbeat. We've done it for those funky, super sweet 100 Monkeys!

Wait a twi-minute.....I have an even better idea for a venue!!!

sure it's small, but isn't cozy a good thing...when it comes to Rob?


Oh sorry Rob, I didn't mean to interrupt your footsie-playing with's just that, I really think it would be a great idea. You could write it off on your taxes...ya know...donating to charity...helping the needy...

.....and Rob, it might even secure you a place in heaven.
As if you weren't already God himself.

I mean, it would be like a dream come true for me! I'll provide the booze, all you have to do is sit on a stool, strum your guitar....& sing a little. I'll even buy some hot pockets!

I have a boyfriend, but he's pretty into although he'll protest it at first, I'm sure he'll dig it once you start strumming my crotch...errr...I mean,YOUR GUITAR..... Please Rob?

"I'm coming Jen..."

"...just loadin' up the car..."

Knock, knock...

I dimmed the lights for you, just pretend we're not watching...

Awww if only in my fantasy world. Truthfully, I do think Rob has an amazingly unique voice. I'm pretty sure it's not just because it's Rob that I love it so much. Granted he could do just about anything & have my nether regions swoooning. So maybe I'm biased. What do you think?




  1. Just make sure we all get an invite if he plays... ummm sings in your living room!!

  2. I want to like Rob's voice. I really really do. But I can't.

    I won't say anything else because it wouldn't be nice.

    *Moxie hangs head in shame*

  3. Uh, yeah. How can I get a backstage pass to this show??? Or would it be a backporch pass?? Or a backroom pass?? Fuck. I'll even take a bathroom pass.


  4. @ Mox - don't be ashamed, we can't all like the same music and voices. I still love you :) You could wear ear plugs while still getting to see him you know :) lol

  5. LMAO Dandrdafne! Give mmMOXIE some earplugs and let her join the party!

    Don't hang your head Mox...Maybe if I had heard it, and didn't know it was *him*...maybe I wouldn't like it as much... It's just that my body, mind and crotch are now so in tune to anything he does!

  6. I do appreciate his musical talent, I just wish he didn't feel the need to sing. Somebody should put that cat out of it's misery.

  7. mmMoxie - I'll bring you earplugs, if we're all invited to the living room concert, and then you can enjoy without being tortured... ;-)

  8. OK big confession here... I have never heard this! OMG I said it. Do you all hate me now? LOL But thank you for posting it. Made my Tuesday morning that much better! xoxo

  9. now I'm ashamed, because I know he doesn't sing well. I doesn't keep me from having this one on my mp3 player, along with, of course, Never Think, Let me sign (my favorite), To Roam, and his cover of Van Morrison's I'll be your lover too (my second favorite). And I listen to them VERY frequently, although half of them are bad recordings and you can actually hear the people in the bar chatting and all...
    I feel so lame, sometimes...

  10. Ok - a bit behind on my blog reading - forgive me. :)

    I sometimes LOVE Rob's singing voice but, yes it sometimes sounds not so pleasing, mostly those crazy songs that are live. However, I have noticed, as long as I keep my eyes open, it sounds much much better.

    And WOW - re: the pictures of Rob leaving airport with bag & guitar and then loading up into black sedan - WHEN was his hair ever that short!?!? The bouffant cracks me up, but those pics made me squirm a bit in myseat (sucker for a clean cut boy). Of course with Rob, he can be as dirty as he likes. :)

    Let me know if I can sign a petition anywhere for that living room concert - I'm in!

  11. Love this post, as you know, Jen!! And I had better have a front row seat for any strumming that Rob does ;)



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