Friday, March 12, 2010

Remember NOT to see a movie on a Fri night...

UPDATE: New Eclipse footage has been released...and it's way better than the trailer folks!!!

Check it out HERE.

I don't think this post will have any spoilers about REMEMBER ME...I'm gonna talk about it, but not in any detail that will ruin the least I don't think I will. As for the Eclipse trailer...BIG FAT STINKY SPOILERS.

Elusive S & I went to see Remember Me this evening. It was a 7pm showing at a very popular mall. Our originally plan of attack was to see it at one of the smaller, less busy theaters. It wasn't showing there. YUP, the f*ckers weren't showing it. San Diego isn't a ho-dung town in Iowa (no offense to you gals from there)'d think we would have had more choices, but honestly we didn't feel like driving far, as we both work early on Sat mornings. To top it off, the show times were super was like 7pm or 10pm. Hmmmm....7pm please.

We slugged back a glass of wine (me) and a mojito (ES) at CPK, then made our way over to the theatre, tickets in hand. We ended up in line with only about 25ppl...most being teeny boppers and their Mom's, and a few unassuming middle aged "Mom-Jeans." Those are the types you want to look out for...they're usually the super crazy twi-hards that end up drunkenly banging on the door of a bar because they know Jackson Rathbone is inside. Read about that here. Eventually they let us in at about 6:4opm...the theatre was loud and understandably excited...and slightly annoying. I was super f*cking giddy for the Eclipse trailer...I'd remained an Eclipse trailer virgin for 24 hours!!! I truly felt like a 6 yr old on X-mas morning....giggling, bubbly, full of wonder and awe.....and then it was over. Granted it was hard to hear over the squeeling...But I felt a bit let down. shoot me...I felt ALOT let down.

You felt "let down"???

Yah...I did. BUT I have a theory about it. I think Eclipse is so much more of an intricate book. Their are so many more details to cover, so Summit must be thinking "why let the cat out of the bag right away?" They must have picked the "ok" parts of the movie (WTF, this movie has ok parts?!?) to show during the trailer so that they could slowly start releasing the kick ass parts later on...(i hope) I just watched it again here at home on my lap top...and although it's exciting...I don't feel the same way as I did when I saw the New Moon footage. Gaaaah! They must be f*cking with us...they must. And the trailer, it wasn't was choppy. Was that on purpose? Are they trying to just give us a snippet? I mean...I saw trailers for other movies tonight before Remember Me, that were much longer and included much more detail...What gives? What do you think?

This is how I was hoping I would react: (ps...this chick scares the shit out of me & you might want to turn down your volume!)

And...WTF was up with Bella's wig? Ok, not like I didn't see that one coming...and Edward, please tell me David Slade isn't making him look like a "30 Days of Night" monster/vampire...PUHLEASE David, tell me you didn't do it!?

As for Remember Me...I liked it...a lot. But, I didn't LOVE IT...........crickets............

Maybe it was due in part to the overall annoying-ness of the crowed? Maybe I was too focused on Rob to pay close attention to the dialogue.

"It's ok Jen, you can focus on me all you want."

I mean was I supposed to pay attention with that staring back at me. Good gawd it was like cheap porn. Seeing Remember Me may not have changed my life, but it sure confirmed that ROB is SEX ON FIRE. The man is just absolutely, without a doubt, breathtakingly beautiful. Before I get any more hot n' are two thoughts...without ruining it for the rest of you who haven't seen it:

1. The boy can act. Not that I doubted him before, but seeing him in a non-mythical creature roll was refreshing...and he impressed the shit out of me. <~~~ second reference to shit. Don't ask. 2. The ending...kind of knew it was coming...though it was very tastefully done...w/ respect if you get my drift...(to those of you who have yet to see it) Did I mention the movie screen fizzled out at the most pivotal part? Yup. I could have spit. I was so pissed. Granted they fixed it...but we missed about 8 min, and the worst thing...we could hear it. They couldn't rewind the we missed a chunk. Elusive S may be elusive when it comes to our blog...but the girl is nowhere near elusive in RL. She marched her ass up to guest services right after the movie & we were issued 2 free tickets to see any movie, any time, with AMC. You best believe we're going back to see the RUNAWAYS next weekend...FOR FREE. Bet you thought I was going to say Remember Me....I do want to see it again...but I want to wait for the hype to die down a bit so I can watch it in peace. Sans the teeny boppers and whoopy cushion possessors. Yes, someone actually did that....Normally I would have found it absolutely hysterical, given my penchants for poop and fart jokes...But when you interrupt me and Rob...I will go ape shit on you.

Till next time...



  1. Awesome review Jen...and I agree completely about the Eclipse trailer. Yes, it didn't have any exploding jacobs like the New Moon one did...but it could have thrown us a little Jackson Rathbone(r) fighting action. I think the whole trailer didn't capture the 'essence' of Eclipse.

  2. oh jen, that is one hell of an opening night!!! that is exactly why i drove 45 mins outside of the city to see the movie in an uptight, less crowded theater. i'm sorry your experience was all interrupty and shit. screenfail = free ticket = that's the least they can do!!!
    and i'm sure summit is just giving us the very barest of teasers. that trailer was just a bit toooooo carefully edited


  3. Thank you for the review without the spoilers. I can't believe the screen died for 8 minutes. Sucks. I don't know if I could take a whole movie of him. I might spontaneously combust or something. Lots of love.

  4. Wow guys, after reading abt your 8-minute loss of screentime I feel way better about what happened to me. Thanks! lol

  5. What happened to you TongueTwied???

    Ladies, sorry for the typos. I found 3 and fixed them this morning. I was super tired last night and trying to bust out this post.
    rs. P...What did you think? I'm assuming you saw Remember Mr, or are seeing it today...?

  6. 8 minutes lost?? That's bullshit. Good that they gave you free tix, though - that works out a little. I agree about the trailer, and I agree a little about the movie... I was a little disappointed by the end, and I'll blog about it later when I have a chance, but I actually *didn't* know it was coming, so that might be why!

  7. I hope the movie is better than that stupid clip. It was horrible! No energy from any of them. This was my favorite book they have to do a good job with this movie. That girl in the clip is scary!

  8. The ONLY thing Jen failed to mention was that there's this part where a tattoo is revealed on RPattz' Remember Me character, "Tyler"... on his chest, the LEFT side... and we all know what the left side had in NM... Jen and I suddenly squeaked "MIPPLE!" we immediately thought we had solved the mystery of the mipple on shirtless Edward in Volterra (NM). We discovered RPATTZ had a tattoo there and they must have been covering it up!! Until we were quickly deflated and realized it was specifically for the movie and painted on. BOO. If Rpattz had a little bad boy in him he might be equal to Jackson... MIGHT be. Alas, he has failed me.

    ... JACKSON has a tattoo.


  9. So Jen what were the missing 8 minutes? I just saw the movie today and I am curious what you heard but didn't see, if I may ask. I liked the movie, I thought Rob was very good in it, I like everyone else in it too and I would like to see it again but with closed captioning as I missed some lines due to the "accents" :)

  10. @Dandrdafne It was the part where Tyler was finding out that "the cop had a daughter"...right before he approaches her. We missed the 8 min before he meets her in the cafatera.

  11. that suuuucks about missing a few minutes! but perfect excuse to go see it again... jj and i are hoping that today we'll have better luck with our second viewing! fingers crossed...

  12. That "Michael" tattoo was way gay. He couldn't think of a better way to pay homage to his brother?

  13. LMFAO mmMoxie: Elusive S and I immediately thought it was "real" tattoo, and thought it was the cause of his "wonky new moon shirtless scene" weird mipple!!! We both looked at each other like Oh My Gaaaaawwwwed. Then we realized it said Michael & that it was fake......oh well.


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