Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Eclipse Stills :)

Spoiler Alert!

LMAO, I think I just like typing that. I wonder if any of you actually run for the hills as a result of seeing that bold yellow lettering. Probably not, if you were smart enough to read the title first, you'd know not to peek. Anyhoo, what do we have here? New stills! New stills! It feels like CHRISTMAS!

Jacob: "Look Edward, the reason I've been so ornery lately is because I'm in love with you..."

Edward: "Do you have any idea how much this complicates things?"

Bella "Umm...blink blink...twitch twitch......"

"How long have you been gay Jake?"

Carlisle: "Everyone stand back! Jasper's hair is distracting the mutts & Jacob has something he'd like to tell us."

On another note...

Want a chance to ask yours truly a question?

DO IT! Just make it Twi-related. I'm answering ALL of them.

See the "Ask Twired Jen, installment #1."

Put your questions in the comments of that post.

Now, GO, GO, GO!!!


  1. Since I've already been spoiled by these pictures I can read this post.

    I am utterly horrified by Jasper's wig. I can't handle it. I am going to have post something about it because it is just so awful. Jesus....make it stop!

  2. Bahahahahaaaa!!! Love it!
    I would add to the last pic...
    "good thing we had that meeting about coordinating outfits."

    Hmmmmm, a ? for Jen...I'm thinking...

  3. smartEpantz you can go to my post "Budapest is kinda beautiful"...look at the comments, you'll get the idea of what types of questions people were asking. BRING IT!

  4. mmMoxie, I predict quite a few "Jasper hair" posts. I know Elusive S has been planning one...I didn't think it could get worse after NM...but apparently it has.

  5. LMAO "how long have you been gay Jake?" Take that mutt!

    I hear music seeing the 3rd pic, "It's electric boogie woogie woogie" they look like they are doing a choreographed dance scene.

    v/w eysid, "Anaphase, like I eysid!"

  6. See, here I thought we only needed to worry about Bella's wig, maybe Rosalie, but Jasper?? Come on!

    "...blink blink...twitch twitch...pant pant...gasp...." bwaaahahahaahhh - luv it.

    So my questions - no smut just FMI (For My Information):
    1. Are you completely out and proud about you Rob/Twi love in RL to all your RL friends and family?

    a.) And if not, have you always been that way, even in the beginning? (I'm still sneaking it into conversation & playing it totally nonchalant)

    2. If you are out and proud, do you openly try and recruit others or only on the sly?

    Personally, I share my luv selectively, hence why I love my Twitter & blogs.

    Hell, my New Moon necklace that I got from my NM Border's edition (that I had to buy Friday night cause I couldn't wait for my Monday Target delivery) is now on my key chain, not around my neck. (Of course, I was afraid it might make my neck turn green - I did wear it once.)

    Still jealous of you and FFFOOOOOOOOORRRRRKKKSSSSSS!!!!!

  7. LMAO @ sEp "so glad we had that meeting about coordinating outfits." That's funny shiz, girl.

  8. WTF... Is that Jasper?

    *shakes head in disapproval*

    Anyway, a question for Jen... What else do you like to do besides blog, etc.. I mean do you have other outlets for your creativity? Paint, write... ? I'm a nosey fuck, aren't I? :)

  9. Awesome captions Jen!! Too funny.


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