Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm kinda disgruntled...

But before I go into what caused my "disgruntledness," let's look at some brand spankin' new pics of Rob @ the London Premiere of Remember Me. Looking at pics of Rob (esp new ones) always tends to put me in a much better mood, among other things...& I'm sure you'd like to see these prevent scrolitis of course ;)

Well hello there, God..I mean, Rob.


Typically disheveled yet sexy Rob. Check out his shirt! Rob.

mmm...."fingers thru the hair Rob."

Ok, now that you have had a little bit of Robby goodness, here's why I'm disgruntled:


I want THIS on the 20th!

Mind you, I'm not blaming anyone but myself for not doing more research...but I can't help but feel inclined to blame wonky marketing techniques. Here's what Target said:

"Pre-order the latest movie in the Twilight Saga, New Moon available in 3-Disc deluxe edition only at"

Here's what I hear:

"Jen, don't worry about dragging your pathetic ass to the store, order your New Moon DVD online through & have it delivered to your house on the 20th, so that you & Elusive S can start your New Moon DVD viewing fest that the rest of the world!"

Apparently this isn't the case. My estimated delivery date is March 22nd. That's a problem. See, Target just wants you to pre-order incase they run out in store and aren't able to get anymore in for a week or so. If you have pre-ordered online, there is no risk of them "running out." But, you don't get it on the date it's released. I think they should forwarn unsuspecting blondies like myself. Now I am now going to go to Target at 8am on Sat morning, prior to work mind you, to ensure I have a copy that night. Then Elusive S can just keep that one, or vice versa.

If you're wondering why I insist on getting it from Target, it's because I want the 3-disc special edition. I love my Twi version. See, I didn't have this problem with Twilight, because I didn't buy it until August of 09. When I asked the guy in the electronics dept with feverish anticipation, if he had any copies of Twilight...he laughed and made some comment about it being out since March...whoops. Sorry dude, I just jumped on the bandwagon, give me a break!

I was originally going to throw a mini-New Moon DVD release party with the few close friends I have that actually like it, but later decided I didn't want anyone ruining it for me. No one, aside from Elusive S, is as obsessed as I am. So it will be ES, myself and quite possibly a large amount of beer or wine.

Rob heard us say BEER :) Now he's on his way!
*we wish!*

What are you doing for the New Moon DVD release on Sat??? Tell us in the comments.



  1. I'm bummed that I didn't get to keep watching Remember Me live in the UK, what happened to our feed? Oh, well. He looked yummy, I mean fucking yummy. I love that man.

    Anyways... I'm going to a New Moon party. This lady, (has the most twilight stuff I've ever seen. She was featured in the news here) is having a back yard party and putting up a screen to show it. Should be fun, but somehow I'm trying to work in The Runaways too.

  2. @HG, Since the screen went faulty for about 8 min during Remember Me, we have free tix to any AMC theatre, so you best believe we're using them for The Runaways. I just saw STY on twitter, she said she saw it and that it rocked. Can't wait!

    As for the live feed, someone that was tweeting live from there said it's because it ended (the live feed)...but the red carpet shenanigans didn't seem to be over. I dunno?!

  3. I didn't preorder. Are you shocked? I'm ill-prepared and will probably stalk the aisles of all local Targets until I find one that isn't sold out this weekend. I am such a slacker.

  4. @Musing Bella, no you're prob just smart. I shouldn't have fallen victim to such crappy marketing. LMAO. Oh well!

  5. Well I pre-ordered from Borders and actually have no idea when I am supposed to receive it. I don't need to watch it Saturday so I think I will be ok as long as I get it eventually and then I can watch it over and over if I want :)

  6. I've made "friends" with the Target mgr of that dept. He is placing 10 behind the desk. One with my name on it.

    My movie better be there.

  7. 2 days is not so bad Twired Jen, here in Australia we have to wait until mid April (sobbing now just thinking about it)... I guess it's payback for getting the movie at the cinemas a few days before even the US.

    Will console myself by going back to see Remember Me again over the weekend. With tissues this time...

  8. Hey edwardsisobel! Thanks for following. Just noticed!

    If you're bored and or curious how we got addicted...check out our archives and read first coupple of posts :)

  9. I'll be celebrating my 30th. EEEEKKK! Ah well, I already told my friends - regardless of who's with me I'm headed to the nearest store and buying a copy. I don't care how drunk I am - that movie is coming home with me! Sorry you don't get to see it right away hun xoxo I didn't pre-order it either @Musing Bella. I'm lazy like that :)

  10. I pre-ordered Twilight from Target last year and go so fucking anxious, I said fuck it and just went to the store the morning it came out. I was sitting in my car like a crack addict having withdrawals waiting for the damn doors to open! The best part about my Target version of Twilight was the free iTunes download.

    I'm getting my New Moon DVD bright and early Saturday under the cover of "errands" - plus I need to buy some non-embarrassing work out gear. But I'm pissed Target isn't offering the free iTunes download - now I'm going have to pay for that too. Can't be without it on my iPod - need my traveling entertainment!

  11. @LKW, so you and I will both be sitting in our cars like crack addicts in the Target parking lot on Sat morning. ;) I told my colleague I'd be a little late. She completely understood.

    PS Target has cute non-embarrassing work out gear too! Them and Old Navy. Do you have an Old Navy near you?

  12. I am soooo freakin bummed about this weekend. JennyJerkface is in town and TexasKatherine has gathered a large gaggle of ladies to hang out and show her a good time. And will I be attening in the jollyroger fun - NO. I will be an hour away attending a wedding of an old friend.

    My Mr. was very sweet and offered for us to drive back early. I thought about it, thought about sneaking away from the wedding and the torture I would get if I were ever discovered. That and the fact they are meeting downtown on a SXSW night, sounds insane!

    Back to New Moon though, I too ordered it from Target (luv my Twilight version) and thought I would be fine having it on the 22nd. Now I'm a little anxious, so I keep reminding myself that I wouldn't be able to booze it up propper for a viewing this weekend AND I'm off work Monday and Tuesday, so I can have private viewing time away from the watchful eyes of my hubby.

    I've also already arrnaged for a viewing with my closest gal pal and her daughter (both whom have not seen it) that following weekend. My gal pal is a new recrute & a boozer, so that should be good times. (They spend the night so mommy doesn't have to drive home buzzed.)

    Have fun pausing and slow-mowing while I'm stuck at a lame ass 3pm wedding ceremony mass. Don't be surprised if I show up on Twitter, 3pm central time this Saturday! (Love the bride, but I also plan weddings for a living, so its' kind of like being at work).

  13. @ATXgal76 That sounds like fun! Boozing it up with your friend! So you plan weddings? Do you work for a hotel or a company or yourself?

  14. That sucks, Jen!!! Sure seems like false advertising, doesn't it? I see that DirecTV is going to have it on demand at midnight tomorrow night. Not sure I'll stay up to watch it, though. I am going to Mama Cougar's NM DVD Release Party Saturday night (3-hour drive), so I need to get ready for that :)



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