Sunday, March 14, 2010

Adult Blankie

"A security blanket is any familiar object whose presence provides comfort or security to its owner, such as the literal blankets often favoured by small children." -wiki

I had a "blankie" as a child. I can still remember the day I discovered my blankie was actually "2 blankies!" My Mom secretly acquired a clone-blankie....I felt cheated. How on earth could there be a 2nd blankie??? I found this out when I was 15.......................JUST KIDDING! Gawd! No, I was probably 8 or 9. According to my Mom, I had thrown-up on the one I had as a toddler and freaked out when my Mom went to wash she had her friend make me a new one with the same exact fabric so she could rotate between washes. BTW, I wasn't one of those kids that carried my blankie everywhere, in fact I was only attached to it as a toddler. Once I got older, I would secretly rummage through the linen closet and sneak it into bed with me. I always loved the way it smelled. Even if it had been washed with all the other clothes, it had this smell of sunflower & it always smelled liked detergent and saliva. Gross right? Well, I used to chew on the corners of it...But with my little kid breath, it never smelled bad after...maybe a little stiff, but not bad.

I have since moved on from my childhood blankie...speaking of, I'd like to know where it is...mental note: ask Mom tomorrow! I now have a *NEW* security blanket these days. Granted it's not something I can chew on the corners of...oh no, no one lays their saliva on this...unless your initials are RP....or EC...

cue the holy music

Ok, so I guess this isn't "new" information, but it really hit me hardcore the other night. I was feeling a bit off...had a slight fever (which thankfully has just turned into a little cold) and wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed...BUT I wasn't completely tired. I had had too much sleep recently, and though my body felt exhausted, my mind was swirling....That's where Stephenie Meyer stepped in...Thank you my Mormon-y friend...for you have delivered...multiple times!

I instinctively grabbed my paperback copy of Eclipse and snuck into bed. I knew that without a doubt, it was the "blankie" I needed to ease me into dreamland. Sure I have 1 or 2 "other" books I could have grabbed...but those would have taken effort...& I craved familiarity. I have read all four Twilight books in a row possibly....4 times??? And probably read Twi & Eclipse 5 or 6 times. They are indeed my two faves of the four.

I may not voraciously devour the books as I did the first, second or maybe even third time around...but they still never fail to deliver a certain sense of comfort. As I snuggled into bed the other night and opened Eclipse, I was transported to Charlies quaint kitchen. I could hear the rain pouring outside & smell the burning spaghetti stuck in a lump at the bottom of the pan... Like Bella, I too wondered why on earth Charlie was cooking. Oh yes, that's right....he wanted to let Bella know she was no longer grounded, FREEDOM....though he'd like to see her make more of an effort with her "other" friends, including Jake. Then all of a sudden, Edward appears for his evening visit...
...and this is what I envision, *swooooooooon *...

Thank you Stephanie Meyer, for having that fantastical dream of the meadow and allowing itself to manifest into this amazing saga. And thank you Catherine Hardwick for casting Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. We are forever indebted to you for that ingenious decision.



  1. I feel the same way. My books live by my side of the bed. I loaned them out twice, and each time I was a WRECK until they were returned. TH was worried about my mental health. Now I have a strict no-loaning policy. :-)

  2. I soooo agree with you - as a child I had a beloved blanky - this weekend I was down with killer sinus and feeling crabby and yuk so I was installed on the lounge with a knitted blanket and pillow - my s/o calls it "putting the baby in the basinette" and as a comfort I picked up Breaking Dawn and read up to the part where Bella has just had her guts ripped apart and she says "Rene...esme...So Beautiful" and then I was well enough to face the world again.. btw my w/v is hepho - so not fair and wrong just sayin

  3. Awww...Twilighty Blankie.

    I had a blanket mom called it my spit blanket...gross. Thankfully my mini-me does not have a saliva encrusted piece of fabric she carries around.

    I also use my books as comfort material. They never leave my bedroom and at least one is always on the nightstand. Even if I just want to read a certain part...

  4. I don't think I ever had a blankie, that I remember. Of course my memory is horrible, so I could be wrong. I might have had some stuffed animal thing.

    I'll be honest - I've only read the books once and that was this past January. I was sick one Saturday night and watched Twilight on Showtime. That next Wed I watched New Moon in the theater, then started the books on Friday. It was awesome having so much material and not having to wait forever, so I don't mind that I was late to the party.

    Something great that came out of Twi-saga for me is that it inspired me to start wrtiting again - so I started my book Feb 1st and have been working on that instead of reaing. (I did lend the books to a friend & got her hooked, so that made me happy - those and the Roswell DVDs. I loved that show!)

    I'll get back to the books soon though. But soon I get my New Moon DVD - yay!

  5. I find the most comfort in the movie, even if it is just on in the background. The music on the drive to the Cullens and Bella's Lullaby---very soothing. I've been rereading Midnight Sun lately- Total Quality Edward Time!

  6. @TongueTwied: Twilight the movie is also my security blanket. I didn't mention it because it kind of goes along with the definition of being Twired. ;)

    Can't wait to get my New Moon dvd!!! So excited to have that as a second option.

  7. Jen that is really cute and kind of gross about the blanket. I love how you found out later about the twin.
    If I'm having a bad day twilight comforts me too. I think it's funny that I thought you were going to write the books are so mormon (clean) that they make you fall asleep from boredom. I know you'd never write that ;)


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