Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What a morning!


I took last night off. I worked during the day followed by a besties b-day happy hour straight from work. By the time I got home, I was PMS-y, cold (it's been unusually cold here in So Cal), and just wanted to curl up in bed, so that is what I did. Of course in the back of my mind I kept thinking..."What if I'm missing something important online?" I figured it could wait till the morning...AND what a surprise it was. I thought they might be showing the 10 sec Eclipse teaser trailer online... Low & behold, they did not disappoint! SQUEEEEEE! Rumor has it that they're releasing the full one online tomorrow. Now the question remains, do I become an Eclipse trailer virgin until Friday when I go to see REMEMBER ME, so I can witness it for the first time on the big screen? Or, do I just say f*ck it and watch it tomorrow? I'm sure some of you have varying opinions.


Wanna know what I did when I saw this? Spilled my coffee...ok not all of it, but I could hardly contain myself. This was my FAVORITE book. It's going to be amazing seeing it come to life.

Now onto something a little bit shameful.

I, Twired Jen, confess to having gasped & thought a few seconds of naughty thoughts when I saw this:

Woah, screencap of Taycob from Eclipse.

After I recovered from seeing that, I feasted my eyes on this:

It's ok Rob, you're my #1...

(new old outtake from Another Man Mag)

Anyoo, just a mini Wed morning post for ya. I hope to have something a bit more creative late this evening. I have a feeling things are going to get real exciting round these parts!


What are you most excited for? Tell me in comments.


  1. I'm pretty excited about the tent scene! I hope they don't totally blow it. I LOVED Eclipse (reading it again now).

  2. I am most excited for E) all of the above - Remember Me, New Moon DVD, Eclipse!

  3. I nearly combusted when I saw that trailer! I hope the rumors are true and that full version is released tomorrow! OMFG!!!!!

    Anyway for me the best will be Eclipse! But a close second will be the behind the scenes stuff on the New Moon DVD. Yippee!

    p.s. It's OK to like Jacob! I've decided to be Team Switzerland for Eclipse *wink*

  4. They better leak that f*ing trailer tomorrow. I saw Remember Me on Monday and was denied the Eclipse trailer - I literally gasped when the moive started and no trailer!

    Of course I can go see RM again this weekend, but to be honest, I can't just yet. I'm just now emotionally recovering from it, so I would rather wait a week or two and go solo so I can just drool at the Precious. (I went with a non-Twi fan Monday so I had to contain myself, but it was fracking amazing! Even my non-Twi friend loved it.)

    I have now hooked a different friend onto the books so she'll be my Eclipse buddy. We've already set a date to watch NM (she hasn't seen it *gasp*) so I'm excited!

    She just finished Breaking Dawn the other day and I can tell she is in withdrawl, so I'm walking her through the recovery. She'll be on here in no time.

    Thanks for the post Jen! Always a pleasure. :}

  5. Three seconds of Rob's voice=CHILLS. Yep, that's all it took.

    thanks chickadees!

  6. I am excited to see the full version today, because the ten seconds were fucking fantastic, so much better than I thought they would be.

  7. I can't wait for the full trailer but it will not be enough until the movie is out. Just watched KStew on Jay Leno and she was much more open than previous interviews so it was great. Thought you'd be happy to hear a happy K comment.

  8. Was my favorite book too! Can't wait!

  9. Can't wait until we've all seen RM and can talk about the trailer and the movie!! Only a couple more hours for me ...



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