Wednesday, March 10, 2010


(Please take this post with a grain of salt, or a shot of vodka)

The other day I was thinking about my personality, about my likes and dislikes. I have always known that I love being a homebody & can be slightly antisocial at times. In fact, my idea of the perfect evening is to get off of work, go to the gym or for a roller blade, then come home & take a hot bath, put my PJ's on & veg out with a glass of wine. (the gym makes me feel less guilty about this) Granted I don't have any children yet, so I'm afforded the luxury of doing this while my bf is either at work, or cooking us dinner. He enjoys cooking much much more than I do.

The other part of me is super out-going and quite funny if I do say so myself....I'm known as a complete ham within my family and inner circle of friends. I love to make them laugh and crave attention. If I'm in a large group of people, I can also be completely out-going as well, it just depends on how I feel and the the vibe of the group. It's like I can go from anti-social to being the center of attention in 3 seconds flat. That also depends a lot upon the conversation that's being had...

Oh and by the way, if the topic of Twilight comes up...I make no mistake of hiding my obsession. I truthfully don't care who knows. Don't get me wrong, I don't push it on people that clearly state that they have no interest, but if I find an opening, I'll slyly try and slip it in there.

This all got me thinking...I am a walking contradiction of sorts. 50% of me is a total attention whore.

Back away, I'm talking about Twilight.

And the other 50% of me is super-duper anti-social. Like to the extreme sometimes.

You want me to go out? What? I'd rather stay home with my cat, my Snuggie & my lap top. The NST boyfriend fits in there somewhere. But he works mostly nights.

Truthfully, I am a bit of both. I do enjoy meeting new ppl (when alcohol is involved) Though I tend to stay away from conversations that either a. don't interest me, or b. don't involve me. I'm a very pleasant and outgoing person when you first meet me (i swear!) but can shy away from certain conversations. I don't jump at the chance to talk politics, "the economy," sports (LatchkeyWife is totally gonna piss on me for that one) or global warming. I'm sure some of your are thinking it's because I don't "know" about that stuff, and you're partly right. I'd rather not sound ignorant...and I cannot stand when someone spouts off about something just to be kept in a conversation. I say, if you don't know...either ASK or SHUT THE F*CK up.

Talk politics and this is what you'll get.

As for the attention-whore side of me...well, that is partly my families fault. Not in a bad way mind you...My Mom and Dad, and even my Grandparents always paid lots of attention to Elusive S and me. If we drew a picture or wrote a story, it was the BEST story/picture ever. If we had something to say, they LISTENED, intently. If we were sick, we were well taken care of... Granted we were taught to entertain our selves as well, and were seldom "bored." It's just that when we did do something, we were given a lot of positive attention/feedback. Does any of this make sense? Anyhoo, I realized a few years ago that this affects how I think today. When I have something to say, I expect people to show interest, when I want to discuss something, I expect them to stop everything. AND, when I have an obsession to brag/preach about...I WANT YOUR ATTENTION!

If you ever meet me...these are a few of the things that I like to talk about...besides Twilight. GASP!

*Twilight & RPattz (ok, had to throw that back in there)
*Twilight (what?)
*San Diego
*Different cultures
*Local news
*Celebs (RPattz)
etc etc etc....

All in all, I think I'm just a complicated, yet super simple creature. Maybe it's good to have a bit of both & not be all one or the other? Or, maybe I'm just nuts?

***P.S. OFF topic, I am a total SPOILER WHORE, however Elusive S & I pinky swore we would wait and watch the Eclipse Trailer on the "big-screen" tomorrow prior to Remember Me. So please don't tell me anything about it!!! I'm having a hard enough time not watching it today...since I'm off...and have no plans...UGH it's screaming at me to watch it. I feel like a crack whore in a room full of little baggies with white powder...



  1. Twired Jen - I could have told you all of this without reading this post ;) LOL I think it is good to be 50/50, it is a good balance and keeps you interesting. I am about 70/30 with the 70 being a home body BUT I must say Twitardia is pushing me towards being a bit more outgoing.

    Here is what I told mmMoxie about the official trailer - to help her avoid watching it today: it is horrible, it is all Jacob and the ugly Bella wig, there is no Edward and it doesn't offer you any more insight into the movie ;) So hang tight and wait until the Remember Me previews and see for yourself if I am right or wrong about it :)

  2. LMAO thanks Dangrdafne! I'll let you know after we see Remember Me. It's easier than I thought not watching it. Oh..fuck..who am I kidding, no IT'S NOT EASY. I am being totally lazy today and just itching to catch a glimpse. Gaaah!

  3. Hey Jen I'm exactly that way as well. My family calls me an extrovert because I chose a job where I talk with people the whole day. When I'm with good friends and family I open up. But I don't like meeting new people and I detest situations like weddings or cruises where I am forced to sit with strangers. I'd rather fake a flu than go. It's not that I don't find them interesting but i don't like the small talk thing. mr tc calls me antisocial as well.
    Ironic we both chose jobs where when people come to us they are looking for help. There is definitely a power differential there that makes me more comfortable. When patients come to see me they made the choice to talk to me. There is no element of wondering if they would rather watch paint dry than be stuck with me at a dinner party. Maybe it all comes down to a confidence thing and fear of rejection?

  4. Soooooo it seems that wine, Rob, and Twilight are the glue keeping you all together?

    Waiting til Fri too for E-trailer. Check out the vid on my site for a quick Edward fix. It is short & highly addictive. Just might ward off temptation! (Bella in green background on the top vid strip)

    Check out my new banner too!

  5. @Twilightcupcake I think part of it is fear of rejection. I am so used to being around my family and close friends that meeting new ppl is always a bit daunting. I appear outgoing, but half the time I'm either wondering what they're thinking of me, or totally un-interested in them. See it's almost like Karma. I am super critical & overly observant, so I often wonder if they're being the same way.

    @Tonguetwied I will go check it out now. Thanks for commenting!

  6. You sound like me. I swear, I'm like that. I can be totally shy and quiet, and then just as you said, the life of the party and as some have claimed, the loudest one at the party. Usually alcohol is involved for that to happen.
    Now, I'm also like you in the fact that I don't like to speak when the topis is something that I'm not familiar with and I've been do plenty of work fuctions where the crowd is somewhat older and dryer than I am, and the conversations... (let's just say, shove a fucking prod up my butt, cause that would be less painful)
    So, there is nothing wrong with 50/50 girl! I'm right there with you!! We're like those orange ice cream bars, you know... 50/50.. *hears crickets* Whatever, you get my point.

  7. @Honolulu Girl I totally get you. 100%! Here's to us, the 50/50 girls.

  8. Twired Jen - um, did I somehow hack into your account and write this post without knowing it? I swear to Robward this post is basically about me, too. I could copy it and show it to my husband, and I bet he wouldn't know I hadn't written it. Hello, soul sistah!

  9. TwiredJ--I watched the vid on the right for the first time--great music! I'm gonna get it too, though it reminds me less of E/B and more of me to Rob.

  10. I sound pretty normal to me.

    So, when are we gonna get together and talk about sharks???


  11. @Musing Bella: Too funny! Maybe we need to chat?! Are you following me on twitter?

    @smartEpantz: Love love love sharks, esp Great Whites. Scared to death of them..BUT my life goal is to go on one of these adventures. A boat trip down to Isle Guadalupe off Mexico and get in one of the cages.

  12. I'm not on Twitter! *hides face* I don't have a smart phone, and while I understand that I could still do Twitter, I haven't signed up yet, because until I came to Twitarded and started to meet all y'all, I had no one to follow (that I cared about) except celebs... maybe I will sign up this weekend. It sounds like you all have a major network happening there!

    How out of it am I?
    HA! w/v: spard. I feel like a total spard.

  13. @MusingBella - don't feel bad I only joined a few weeks ago and the only reason.... to follow these crazy ladies! It is actually fun and you do get to know people pretty well. In the end I am glad I joined Twitter although it is a black hole for real life time. Come to the dark side and join us! Mrs. P has a list called the Bite Pack that lists a lot of us so it makes it a little easier to find Twipeople :)

  14. @Musing Bella- Like Dandrdafne said, Twitter is a HUGE RL suck...but worth it to be able to chat with everyone and network. I don't have internet on my phone, so I just twitter from my lap top. When you join, look for @MrsP_Twibite, & you can join the "bite pack" and a lot of us are listed on there. I'm @SoTwired. Looking forward to seein you on there.

  15. I don't know where I fall into this - probably 70/30 (70% outgoing/30% anti-social). I feel like I've become more anti-social since blogging, actually, because I want to stay home and talk to all of you girlies!!

    You have an awesome family, Jen. Your love for them is shining brightly in that post :)

    You know I love you, but we will never EVER be talking about sealife here or if we ever meet in RL. My biggest phobia. Yikes!!!


  16. No way're afraid of sealife?! desk at work is in front of a 4,000 saltwater aquarium!!!


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