Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Like Swine Flu, but WAY BETTER!

Back in the day, Dr's used to encourage parents to expose their children to chicken pox. I'm no expert, but apparently it's easier for a child to cope with it, than it is for an adult. And once you have Chicken Pox, you're immune to ever getting it again. Hooray! BUT, YOU CAN GET SHINGLES. Supposedly, the once suppressed chicken pox virus...aka varicella-zoster...can reactivate later in life and cause Shingles. Grrrreat. I have seen people with Shingles, and it's NOT PRETTY. I'll spare you the gory pictures. Though Shingles is a bitch, it's not contagious.

Obviously not...moving on...

Do you know what is contagious? JACKSONITIS. Jacksonitis was a term coined by my ever so crafty little Sis, Elusive S. Yes, she caught it last year. The dear girl hasn't recovered since....and I don't blame her. I also don't blame her for giving it to was inevitable...Especially after several 100 Monkey's concerts, and up close & personal encounters.

Anyway tonight, just when I was about to beat myself up for not having any post ideas...because like Mrs. P, I'm on serious Rob overload....(no such thing as too much Rob...just not enough time) I find this posted on one of my favorite go-to sites:

JOKKA...I mean Sokka!...uh, that didn't work.

SQUEEEE! A screen-cap of Jackson as Sokka in The Last Airbender! In RL, you could not pay me enough $ to see this movie (sorry JJ). I'm sooo not into the whole action-adventure-fantasy type genre...(I said that about Vampires, and now look at me!) Anyhoo, seeing as JRath will be gracing the big screen with his MOS (mouth of sex), I'm in. Sign me up.

While perusing the same site (Twifans) ...what do my wandering eyes behold? The pics from Jackson & Ashley's Glamour UK photo shoot a couple months ago (sure Kellan & Nikki took pics too, but they aren't near as hot.) Now, if this doesn't give you Jacksonitis, then I really don't know what will. You might be a lost you hear me Twilightcupcake?

"Hey darlin', how ya feelin'?" (hear that Southern accent?)

"Ladies, this could be you."

"Ash can hardly contain her nips, just imagine what I could do to yours..."

"Remember, there's plenty MOS to go around..."

Feelin' feverish yet? Lady parts a bit tingly? Questioning your sanity? Take another gaze...

Sweet Jackson dreams...


FYI: The Last Airbender comes out in theaters July 2, 2010.


  1. Jen!!! I feel like I've gone outer limits...I could spew an unholy amount of WINN all over this post! Instead, I implore you to peep my comment on Twi-sted Edbrella, just cuz it's weird that these two posts occurred in the same day, and also cuz I'm too much of a lazy snatch to cut & paste....awww fuck it...i'll do it...but check out that post if you haven't already. :)
    here goes:
    "Nibbles!!! Holyfuckityfuck woman!!! Your splendiferous powers of perception never fail me!
    Sooooooooo I'm reading and scrolling and pmsl, doo de doo **whistling** and I'm all like "haha, nibs is buffin the balls..." scroll scroll, "hey there kellan, don't you look dashing? why yes, yes you do..." scroll scroll and thennnnn...FULL.FUCKING.STOP.




    I get it now. I have never seen that pic of the Jacksperpants before. FUUUUUUUUUCK ME. He is the fucking epitome of sexy cool. Goodgawddamn, I totally fucking get it now.
    I've been told by more than one person that he would own me at some point. In fact, @Jelly Babes flat out warned my ass. I was all like "Pffffftt. Not likely, but whatev."
    I stand corrected."
    Yep. It's true. Plus I just achieved the height of pompousness and narcissism by actually quoting myself!!!

    I need to go hide in a corner now...

  2. Mmmmm. I'm already a sufferer, and never felt better. So fear not ye who have yet to catch the Jacsonitis virus. It's good for the soul.

    E, I'm not gonna tell you "I told you so" because I'm just not that kinda girl, but I am doing my little "I told you so" dance, which is not the same, right?

    P.S. This is the same Jelena, just from a different account where I forgot to change the picture.

    Anyhow, off to check out the Kellan and Nikki photoshoot, because since I got that autograph, I can't stay away.

    Oh, and, that last photo of Jackson is so Johnny Deppian, and it killed me. Yep. Can't wait to see the movie. I'm so into the fantasy stuff.

  3. You know I have Jacksonitis after spending so much time with you two and Mrs. P :)

    I can't wait to see The Last Airbender. Having Jackson in it is an added bonus, for sure, but I love M. Night Shyamalan. I also think Def Patel looks great in the trailer.

    So is that a mic above Jackson's head in the movie still or is someone just happy to see him? *snickers* Speaking of happy to see him, I totally noticed Ashley's nips in that picture before I even read your caption. Looks like she has Jacksonitis, too ;)

  4. Holy hell, Jackson is a hottie! I mean, I never thought he wasn't but typically he was always surrounded by the sparkly one so you kind of get distracted.

    But here, flying solo, with the oh so lovely Ashley, the tingles were definitely set in motion. Man, I just had to do a re-scroll. That kiss pic is hot AND sweet.

    I've never been a one man kind of gal (when it comes to non-requited stardom men) so I can definitely make room for Jackson in my line-up. I usually don't even like any kind of long hair, but yes mam, please sign me us.

    And I just realized how bad they dress him down in the Twi saga (or how good of actor he is). Hope that changes with Eclipse - can't wait to see. Lovely post - anyone up for a RPatz Jackson sandwich? Hell, I'll even admit I am not woman enough to attempt that one.

  5. Holy mother of fucking gawd! Are you trying to swing me over to the Jasperpants. If Rob ever found out... ;)
    As for chicken pox and shingles, I have no immunity. Sorry for the randomness. I've had them twice (chicken pox) and also had the shot twice. So if your trying to makes us catch something I'm happy it's Jacksonitis and not chicken pox. LMAO!

  6. Holy. Mother. Of. God.

    The dirty dirty things I would do to that boy. I have had Jacksonitis for a while and it is goooooood. Don't resist ladies, just let it on in. It will be worth it.

    I will def. be going to see Airbender. My hubby and I have been fans of the cartoon for years and years. We lurve the story so we are super stoked about going to see it...although probably not for the same reasons...pant...pant...

  7. For lack of a better description, that "nips" picture is amazing. I love Ashley's face and eyes in that pic and Jackson's raised eyebrow look is just precious. I will be saving that pic to my computer as soon as I am home tonight. I would have to say those are my favorite pics of Jackson so far that I have seen. I love me an extra skinny guy, not that I ended up with someone like that LOL.

  8. @JellyBabes ~ Ok. You've earned the right to do your little dance! While you're doing that I'll just be over here right clicking and saving...
    I may need to seek treatment soon. Gah.

  9. Jen- You really need to watch a few episodes of Avatar Extras which I think are on Cartoon Network. They have "extra info" during the regular Avatar cartoons. My fav is when Sokka is complaining about being hungry & his stomach telling him to eat. Accross the bottom of the screen we are told important things like: "Stomaches don't talk, but if they did, they would speak Hungarian." All the extras are somewhat goofy like that.

  10. Keeeeeeeeeeeeeerist on a fucking cracker...those pics of JRath and Ash are so cute. You're right..the boy is just delicious. He's such an unconventional type of handsome. His smile is srsly panty-meltin' frealz.

    CAN NOT WAIT to see the backstory reel they shot with him for Eclipse. Jackson on horseback. Now THAT is a dreamy vision.


  11. Oh my gosh everyone is moving in on my husband. I have a new fave pic of J Action now, thanks Jentini :)

    Oh Jackss-sssonnnnn.

    What a great ending to my day.

  12. It was for you ES, all for you. xoxo


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