Thursday, March 11, 2010

If you don't like KStew, RUNAWAY !

The Runaways premiere was held tonight in LA. I watched a live stream of it that @KStew411 tweeted the link to. The website is OTRC (on the red carpet.) Watching it almost made me feel like I was there. I thought Kristen and Dakota looked amazing. Dakota is always so poised & well spoken on the red carpet, and I have to admit that I was proud of Kristen, she did really well and seemed super excited to be there. Here are the pics:

I am always insanely jealous of her make up. Esp her eye make up.
Also loving that she's wearing pink. Brightens her up!

Dakota always looks fantastic..she doesn't over or under dress for her age.

Woah, HOT MAMA's!

Look who made an appearance. Didn't see him on the live stream...?
Maybe he's after Dakota? Just kidding-ish.
PS What's up w/ the shoes...looks like a little boy.

Enough beating up on Taylor...I do love that kid...really, I do. Speaking of Kristen's interview improvements, here she is being interviewed by the always charming Jay Leno. I watched this this morning and was completely impressed. She seems much more at ease and able to make fun of herself. I feel that this interview in particular was very telling, curious? You'll just have to watch and see. You can view it here.

ECLIPSE SPOILER PIC BELOW most of you know, I'm waiting until tomorrow evenings viewing of Remember Me (SQUUEEEEEE!) to see the Eclipse trailer on the BIG SCREEN. However I have seen the screen caps. Did you all see this one!!! OME, it's huge!

Did you think I meant Edward's Sparkly Peen?!?...
Come on, this isn't Breaking Dawn ;)



  1. I tuned in to the live coverage just in time to see Dakota and Kristen. They did look great and both spoke very well. I think Kristen was calmer because she feels so good about this movie and she is happy that Joan Jett likes the movie (as she said in her interview). It is hard to play a real person and one that is still alive to see the role has to be doubly difficult. After seeing the clip on Leno I am not interested in seeing the movie in the theater. Thank you for posting the live coverage link on twitter - otherwise I would not have known about it.

  2. @Dandrdafe, did you mean to say you are now "not interested in seeing it in the theatre." or did you mean to put "now interested in seeing it in the theatre." ? I think it's probably the latter.

    As always, thanks for commenting!

    XO J

  3. NOW!!! I meant now...thank you Jen and Mrs. P on Twitter for alerting me to my silly sleepy comment. Ooooppps

  4. Wow, what a typo DD, LoL.

    They both look beautiful, Dakota and Kristen (not that I watched this). I just wish Kristen would straighten her back while wearing heels, you know, instead of leaning forward.
    I can't wait till you watch the trailer Jen. You already know how swooned I am by it.

  5. ROTFL - I completely read the last of your post wrong. Thought it said "OME it's huge. Did you think I meant Emmetts sparkly peen?" The CK ads answered that question,

  6. Wish I could have watched the live stream - hubby get telling me to get off Twitter. LOL I keep telling him my obsession with all things and peeps Twilight related is similar to his sports addiction, but he's not buying yet.

    Then I tell him, "If mama is happy, daddy is happy," that he buys. (Of course, we don't have kids yet, but I'm foreshadowing.)

    Thanks for the pics and post. After all the hype I really want want to see the movie now. My older brother loved Joan Jett so I too was influenced. Might have to take him while he is in town from England.

    Oh and that Leno interview was great - Kristen seems to be more comfortable, yet uniquely her, if you know what I mean. :)

  7. I can't believe how much I am missing out on while on vacation!! I have some major catching up to do when I get home as far as blog posts and videos of Rob and Kristen. Yikes!

    I am sure that Kristen's interviews regarding The Runaways are great because she's so stoked to have done this movie and to be attached to it. I can't wait to see it in the theater.

    I am going to see Remember Me in about three hours here in Arkansas with two of my son's teammates' girlfriends. Can't wait!!


  8. Have fun seeing RM!!! The screen cut out half way thru & we missed 8 min of it. They weren't able to we ended up getting free passes...after my Sister marched her ass up to guest services. Anyhoo, we are going to see The Runaways next weekend for FREE. So excited to see that too! Come soon!!! lol


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