Friday, March 19, 2010

Saturday SHOUT OUTS!

I think I can confidently say that Twired is no longer a total newbie....right...right? Well, since everyone did such a great job of promoting our blog and pimping us out, I'd like to pimp out two new blogs that I LOVE.

1. Tongue-Twied <~~~ Follow her blog! Here's a sneak peek of what you'll see in her latest post:
This makes me LMFAO!!!

2. Musing Bella <~~~ Follow her blog! Here' a sneak peek at what you'll see in her latest post:
Where can I get one of these? But can it have GQ Rob on it?

These two chicks ROCK! Check out their blogs, and I guarantee you'll be entertained~

Also, I'd like to send a big SMOOCH to TWILIGHTCUPCAKE over at Twilight, Travel & Treats. That girl has been relentless about getting us all hooked up with Twimobile. Click on Twimobile to view her site with a list of all the blogs involved.

Basically, if you have an iphone can view all of our twiblogs in a simpler, reader friendly format! And, they will be easier to identify with our little icons. TC is way more technically savy than I am. I don't even have internet on my phone. I think it would be too dangerous...esp now with all of this Twi-stuff. So, hopefully I have done her justice in explaining this...lmao!

Alright ladies, I'm getting up to go to Target before work...gonna get my greedy hands on that red hot DVD called....NEW MOON!!! (couldn't wait for Target to deliver mine...) Saturday night Elusive S and I have a hot date here at my condo to watch the movie, and of course get our drink on. ;)



  1. Excellent shout outs! Three of my favorites too.

  2. WOOOT! I just love the way everyone takes care of each other in this's so fucking cool to see women supporting and empowering each other. Thanks for being so rad. :)

    Enjoy your hot date tomorrow! I know you will...


  3. OME! Thanks, Jen! FYI- the flask is on my blog, I think the pics are backward here. ... BUT, I'm drunk, so maybe I'm hallucinating? Either way, you're awesome. LOVE the shout out.

    Also: HA! LOve the pic of that cat who looks like MY cat hugging Rob. Hilarious. I'm off to follow that blog.

  4. JenJen (that's what one of my bff calls me) - Thank you for the big shout and Twi-Mobile mention too. I LOVE YOU!
    I just picked up my copy of NM and took copious photos if you want to see. Extreme happy about the extras too.
    Talk to you soon. Dinner time for me!

  5. OMG! SO SURPRISED!! Between you and DangrDafne I'm floored!

    Sincerest thanks for the shout out!

    I think right now I'm going to maintain that the best thing on my blog is my banner--made by MissAmyJoon! It is awesome and I love seeing it everyday!

    @MB--I just checked out your blog yesterday. Love those flasks! Order me one if every Rob, please!!!

    Happy New Mooning it chickadees!!!

  6. @Musing Bella...sooo sorry. You weren't hallucinating. It was me. That's what happens when I try to kick out a post before bed.
    I fixed it!!

  7. No worries!! I still love the mention!! I wasn't sure if it was bad blog etiquette to correct or not, but luckily (?) I was trashed, so common sense had long left the building. LOL

    @TongueTwied - thanks! I checked yours out, too - that pillow kills me. It looks like your cat has one human hand wrapped around the other side.

    Rob flasks are all available on ebay! (Well, I think all... one might be Amazon...)

  8. Wow. Didn't realize you gals are up to 62 followers. Way to go.

  9. @TM: Thanks! Maybe one day we'll hit 100?


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