Monday, December 6, 2010

We Make Fun Of Those We Love..Right? Right?

Sometimes you just feel compelled to make fun of those you love. You know, when your brother shits his pants on a long car trip, Grandma blames the dog for that foul smell, your Dad has crumbs in his chest hair...You can't let opportunities like that pass you up....

I love Twilight...and admittedly, sometimes I make fun of it.


The other night while watching Eclipse, ES starts busting up laughing and points out that as Edward finishes his proposal to Bella, he as if she's royalty. Of course we had to rewind it just to be sure, and eff me, she was right! I was PMSL and we must have watched it 5 times in a row. See for yourself. Look for it at about 27 sec.

PS...and you know you want to watch this over and over again anyways. Even if you do own the DVD.


"I bow to thee...Bella."

Speaking of funny shit:

Stole this from @LuvsMeSumEdward

An oldie, but goodie.

Tay killz me in this skit.

Right...but Rob's shit should be Knighted.
Just sayin.

Oh, hey there Rob!
(say it with a lisp)

I thought about this long ago...when I read Twilight.

All in good fun...


That is all.



  1. Buahahaha! I couldn't watch this clip for some reason, but I will def be playing attention next time I watch the DVD. Love the funnies x

  2. LMAO! Yeah, he gives a little bow...I can't stop staring at his eyes though in that scene. They're distractingly gorgeous..

  3. LoL I love this post! That entire scene makes me melt...

  4. LOL, great collection of funnies! I'll have to look for the bow - that's the kind of shit that cracks me up!!!

  5. I loved watching the proposal scene with my hubby...just like with any other proposal we see, he just looks over at me and says oh so sheepishly...'sorry.'

    See, he totally flubbed it on the romantic part. Thought throwing it in my stocking would be romantical. In front of his 90 year old on her death bed grandmother who went all matriarchal on my arse and absolutely hated me. I got to pull that out of the stocking while she was throwing stink eye daggers at me. No knee, no 'proposal' no declarations, nothing.

    So yeah, I lurved the proposal scene.

  6. LOL!!! That was awesome. I didn't think he bowed, I thought it was a sigh of relief.. but now that you mention it, it does look like he's bowing. Twilight jokes are the best.. I hate people who get all super serious about it and pissy pants when people make fun of Twilight. If you can't make fun of something you love or yourself, whats the point? :)

  7. Oh Jen I love you so much!

    I didn't realize he bowed until you pointed it out on Twitter! I guess since he said he wanted to court her he might as well bow. ;)

    Seriously BB the picture of Rob taking away the popcorn trophy so she does nor drop it... again killed me!

    Oh and the pic of Edward with the crazy hair.. I need to look at that when I have my uber obsessed days to knock me down a notch! He's fugly in the pic!

    I love you girl.. LOTS! <3

  8. So full of everything in this post. I'm still laughing! You know some dejected boyfriends must have made some of those funniez! I did LMAO at the Taylor SNL skit.

    It did look like Edward bowed. he he Well she does become the powerful "queen" right?

  9. I will check out the proposal scene next time I watch it (probably tomorrow). As much as I love everything Twilight, I love making fun of it or watching someone spoof it. Has anyone seen that Vampires Suck movie? I haven't but the trailers looked funny.

  10. Haven't watched my DVD yet but I will defintely look for the bow.

    I love Twilight funnies also. Some are just too clever to not love.


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