Sunday, December 12, 2010

Forks Vids...FINALLY!

*YES, 2 posts in 1 night...couldn't help it!* Didn't see the's a bit of a venting session.

I was getting frustrated, because I couldn't figure out how to get vids from my blackberry onto my laptop. Who knew they were already hiding in a file called blackberry vids! Apparently when you plug in your USB cable, it syncs automatically.

I'm not that much of an idiot, but every time I opened my desk top manager, it wanted to put stuff on my blackberry, not take it off [she said that.] Anyhoo, as I said, I guess it syncs on it's own.

This first vid is one I took from the last night of Fooooorks shenanigans during the Twitarded speeches. You might want to start w/ the volume low and adjust as you go along. You know us Twitards, we squeeeeee ;)

This was our last night *sniff* in Forks at the Twilight Lounge...JJ & STY giving speeches..I think LKW got away with not being in this vid. h00r.

The next is driving back out to Rialto Beach with Cullenary Cursor, 17foreverlisa, Twilove_sue1, truebldtwilight, cupcakegirl76 & Mrs. P!

There is another one of me driving over the hood canal bridge, but I'll spare you :) But now that I know how this whole bb video thing out! Ooooh wait....

Here's a quick vid (turn down the volume) of our last 100 Monkeys Concert at the Viper Room in LA. We weren't as close as we have been in the past, but it's still Jackson....YUM.

Vid taken back in August :)

Thanks for watching! I'm such a techno tard.



  1. I'm sooooooooooo jealous. You all had so much fun. Forks probably never had such visitors as you. Just goes to show what a bunch Twitards can do. I think Forks will never be the same again.

  2. OMG thank you for your post!! I have a HUGE smile on my face! I will NEVER forget that trip but that night was EPIC!!!

    I luuuve you and I cannot wait to go to a 100 Monkeys concert with you! MWAH!

  3. I honestly miss Washington, Forks, eating breakfast at the Twilight Lounge (or whatever it was called) and you guys.

  4. I just know how to avoid the paparazzi.

  5. I miss you guys SO hard. That brought back some seriously fond memories.

    Also, I need a new pair of speakers now. ;)

    Love you!!

  6. *sigh* I miss Forks!!

    Thanks for posting these.

  7. that actually made me teary... fluv you hard and miss that feeling that we all shared in FOOOORRRKKS!!!! thanks for posting this. xoxox

  8. It made me teary too. How fun was that? Holy shit. It all went way too fast. I miss my Twitards. xoxoxoxo

  9. OMG. I have tears right now because I just heard your voices for the first time ever!

    JJ & STY's speeches were so fucking cute, I totally feel like I was there... hmm, almost.

    Jen you're so cute in the car with all your 'this'll make me sick' talk! I know you'll think I have a crazy accent when we meet, but yeah, it was so cool just hearing you. (shit. I sound like a crazed stalker)...

    Can't wait till I meet you, finally!


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