Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Twi Mash Up

Hi friends! I happened upon this pretty sweet Twilight mash-up video today. The creator did an awesome job, and as always, it makes me want to have a Twi-athon! I have still yet to do that, watch all 3 back to back. Hmmm, might have to do that on X-Mas I'm off!

That's all I've got folks :)

P.S. An extra special thank you to everyone who wished me congrats! You all mean the world to me and make me smile every single day.



  1. Wow that's so good! I definitely want to have a twi-athon too.. I think about it every weekend and then I just don't do it for some reason. Maybe Christmas break it will happen. Even my parents had a Tw-athon recently! The night after Eclipse came out, my mom went and rented all three and her and my step dad watched them till like 3am haha. I've taught them well :)

  2. *sigh* makes me reminisce about the time when I fell hard for Edward and eventually become obsessed with Rob.

  3. Haven't watched the vid yet (waaay too many family members in the room) but can I just say, I did the twi-marathon at the movies the night Eclipse was released. Twilight at 7pm, New Moon at 9.30, Eclipse at midnight.

    All I can say is - make sure you're comfy. The fricken cinema seats did NOT cut it, for seven hours. No siree they did not. Oweee.

  4. I wish I could do a marathon, but can never find that much uninterrupted time :( Guess I'll have to settle for the fact that Mr NotSmitten agreed to watch all three in order (separately), since it's been so long since I've watched any of them (I'm sure he'd disagree, but I swear I'm suffering twithdrawal).

  5. I still haven't even opened my Eclipse DVD!!! It is on the list for Christmas with my Mom so crossing fingers we will watch it.

    Merry Christmas TwiredJen, Elusive S, Twired parents and S/O!

  6. That vid is absofuckinglutely awesome. I am off from work until 1-3-11. If I don't make time for a Twi-athon, I should be shot. Sasha is brilliant! Thanks so much Jen for posting that. Merry Christmas!!


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