Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Prepare Your Panties.

Yah, I borrowed these from Robsessed. Yah, they were just posted. Yah, they're old-ish pics.....

BUT HOT DAMN this man does things to me that I cannot put into coherent words. All I know is you might want to prepare your panties for such an eye-delight.

HINT: CLICK FOR BIGGER..or lick, I don't hate.

This might need to be my new wallpaper.
Damn, Coke does THIS man good.

Hello Mr. Serious Jaw Porn meets Ron Burgundy.
I think I love you.

I don't dig your WFE haircut in this pic, but if you keep biting your lip like that, I could learn to love it.

Eff me.

Ok, now that I am completely sidetracked...anyone have a ShamWow to clean up the....er....mess?




  1. Hawt damn. I'm suprised I made it past the first picture.. alive..


  2. Yeah, that first pic sent me over the edge...

  3. What a great post for me to look at on the day I return to the blogosphere. Wow. Thank you for reminding me about the early days of our obsession.

    Just in case you're wondering, I only disappeared because I was in Amsterdam in November (all of November)!

  4. do you mean prepare by taking panties off so as not to ruin them? too late.

  5. Rob's pics everyday keeps the boredom away. How I wish I was that Coke bottle (or his ciggie, whatevs as long as he put his mouth on me). Where's a freakin' genie when you need one.

  6. Hell yeah, shamWow indeed! - those lips mmmmmmmmmmmmm ... and the fingers around the bottle ... and he looks all dirty.

    hurry the fuck up WFE and Bel Ami - who do i gotta screw to get a movie released round here!!! how long does it take to do post production anyway? just cut everyone else out and leave in ALL scenes of Rob/Duroy/Jankowski!!!

    ooh that was an unexpected rant - aaaaand i'm spent, thanks for the memories


  7. I love any and all pictures of him. They never get old! Thanks for posting!! (The first one of him drinking a coke... DIED)

  8. JEEEEZUS. I fucking LOVE his WFE hair. I super loved his burgundy suit, talk about hot! These are delicious, thanks for sharing!

    And I <3 you, Robsessed.

  9. Oh that lip biting thing he does gets me every, single time!

  10. I have to say - that WFE hair is my favorite Rob hair.....never get tired of looking at it. Thanks for brightening my day Jen!!!!! MWAH!

  11. Dammit, I just got into my pjs...now I need to go change my pants.

    Thank you for showing me these right before I go to sleep. I must have some good dreams now right? First the commentary, now this! What a wonderful night :)


  12. Shit. I'm at work, and I looked at them. AAAAAnd now I have to be uncomfortable all day cause I have no spare skivvies.

    He knows what he does to us, and he does it on purpose. I honestly think the boy owns stock in Hanes or Fruit of the Loom...if he doesn't he should!

    Beautiful pics!

  13. I just wanted to comment that when Kev and I talk about you (like when I told him that you thought you saw him) I refer to you as "Twilight Jen" I used to say "Jen from work" but since that dosen't work anymore its "Twilight Jen" thought you'd like that :-) miss you!!


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