Thursday, December 16, 2010

S for SMOLDERING & Sentimental Family Stuff.

MTV New has gifted us with a little schmexy mash-up of Rob's trailers. I'm not a huge fan of the song they used, but to each her own. Enjoy.

In other case you have been living under a rock, Rob's upcoming movie Water for Elephants released a trailer...sooner than I'd expected! (hello...we still haven't seen a Bel Ami trailer people!)

Click here to see the WFE trailer in HQ. If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend it. I'll admit that initially I read the book because I knew Rob was going to play Jacob in the movie adaptation...however I ended up loving it. It truly makes you laugh, cry, cringe and fall in love with the characters. I'm also an enormous fan of Reese Witherspoon, so knowing she was going to portray Marlena made me even more excited.

Cannot wait to see it! The trailer gave me chills.

On an entirely different note: Tonight, I found myself sorting through an old box of "sentimental stuff" which included letters my Mom has written me throughout the years...letters of encouragement and love...there were also letters from my Papa (Grandpa, Mom's Father) about how proud he was of me, of how much he loved my Sister & I...He passed away peacefully in 2003 at the age of 84...Truthfully I'd give almost anything to sit up late with him now, as he used to love to do, and share a drink and just talk. I can see it...he'd be sipping Brandy, I'd be drinking wine...talking about anything and everything. My Papa had such a love of people...of life, art, music, theater, the ocean... I appreciated & loved him then, and I know he knew it, but I didn't show it as much as I would make a point to now.

To me, he was the most amazing man ever. Robert Litler Betts was born in London. Yes he and our "Rob" share a name ;) In his late 20's he joined the Royal Airforce during WII. He was a pilot & got shot down over Germany. Fortunately he survived, but was later captured and became a POW. Remarkably some many months later he escaped back to England, met my Grandmother and became a pretty well known and respected journalist. Eventually they moved here to America when my Mom was 6...He landed a job here in San Diego as wire editor for the Copley News Service, and later retired a happy and fulfilled man.

Here he is holding me in February of 1980.
I was only a couple of days old.
My Grandma still lives in this house here in San Diego. The views look North-West over Mission Bay.
It's my favorite place in the world.

This may sound odd, but there is something about Robert Pattinson that reminds me of my Papa. Not just that they share a name and come from the same place...but something about Rob's nose, his laugh, his smile.....

Anyways, sorry to get all sentimental...PERIOD.

Fun & entertaining posts coming this weekend...PROMISE!



  1. You're right...loved the trailers, hate the song choice.

  2. I agree. although yeah, there was some 'oh my god' for me. Hawt.

  3. As usual, I'm cockblocked by our IT dept *shakes fist furiously*

    I have a huge soft spot for grandpas. It's nice that you were so close to yours. And even though he's not with you any more, he'll always be with you, kwim?!

  4. Love that mash-up!! And was excited to see them include Little Ashes where Rob plays the complete opposite of Edward Cullen!! But where's our beloved Art?? LOL!!

    I miss my granddaddy (hey, i'm from the south!!) too. They are always with us though :)

  5. Aw Jen, such a sweet post that obviously is close to your heart! I don't know what it is about girls and their grandpa's...such a special bond of unconditional love and sound advice.

    What an awesome fandom this's not every day you can talk about your lady bits one minute and get sentimental the next! :)

    Thanks for sharing & have a great weekend!

  6. laphipps- Awww, from the South eh? Did you go to Forks btw?

    Smitten- IT Depts suck ass. Oh well, guess it makes us more productive at work...;)

    TwiNurse02- You always have the sweetest comments. Thank you. xo

  7. Awww, loved reading about your Grandpa & seeing your baby pic from Feb., I was 17 already, lol!!


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