Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cheers To You....

Monroe "Jackson" Rathbone!

Why so mad Jax?

OK, I realize Elusive S & I are a little late in wishing you a Happy 26th Birthday! We're's the holiday season & time got away from us. It's not that we weren't aware that it was your special day. Trust us when we say we thought about great detail ;)

Plus, how could we stand up to some of the other sweet tributes to you, such as 17foreverlisa , Mrs. Ping & those crazy, but oh so lovely chicks at borderlinephenomenal!?! Anyhoo, we love you Jackson. You have always been gracious to your fans and caused us many a' orgasmic-like groans of pleasure at your concerts.

"Cheers to you Mr. Rathbone!"

psssst..this pic was taken in a hotel room in Santa Monica after our first 100 Monkeys Show, the night before the New Moon premiere!

Hmm, feeling happier are we?

yeah...2 chicks in a bathtub will do that to ya ;)



  1. Ohhhh my god, I love you! You, Jenn for posting this and you, Jackson for being so hot. :)

  2. Smitten- YUP! Wiki him.

    J- Love ya too!

    xoxo J

  3. Oh, I'll Wiki him alright ;)

    Jax in b&w. You really do love me, don't you, Jen?

    You and ES started spreading Jacksonitis, and I'm happy to report I've got it...bad. Like I told you awhile back, Rob is my day and Jackson is my night. Bad boy. Unf!



  4. Never too late...happy birthday Jax!

  5. Come on - tell us. . . Monroe took that picture of you two in the bathtub, right?

  6. LMAO Rugby Mom! Yes, yes you're right!

    xo J

  7. Oh my gawd. His first name is kinda like my last name (Munro). It's totally a sign.

    Umm, Jen - can you please arrange an 100 Monkeys concery while I'm in Cali?


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