Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Have A Bone To Pick.

"Iz gotta bone to pick wit u."

Ok kids, I just need to vent. AND NONSTENS, there is no need to run for safety, I'm not trying to change anyone's mind. Trust.

Moving on to that bone I'd like to pick.....

Last night on twitter, a picture surfaced of Mr & Mrs. Pattinson [damnit they're freakin' adorable] posing with Robsten in the living room of what appears to be the Pattinson family home in the UK last holiday season. Of course you could hear collective squeeeeees across the Robsten loving universe...I mean what Robsten lover wouldn't get giddy?! However, it's the type of picture that almost makes you feel guilty for looking at it. It's pretty obvious that it's a private family photo that surfaced without permission [or Scummit threw it out there for cough *promotional reasons* cough.] I'll be honest when I say that I don't feel guilty for looking at it, however I decided not to post it because I do have morals...kinda. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking ANYONE who posted it. In fact I give you a HUGE high five :) I have posted plenty of pap photos etc, but something about a photo taken in a private home feels wrong. But that's just me. Did you hear me bitching about it on twitter? NO.

Look, if you don't agree with it being posted, keep that shit to yourself & don't post it. If you happen to run a forum where twi-fans can submit any kind of Robsten pictures, then be prepared for such pictures to be posted. And, if you don't agree with spreading them around the internet, then remove the pic and politely tell the person why you did so (no, I didn't send said pic to some other blog, just sayin') But to go on twitter and start bitching about how you're so disgusted that people would pass that picture around, and that you would "never" post those types of private're being a hypocrite. Why? Because you operate a website that allows people to post pics, and I'm sure they don't just post automatically. I'm pretty positive that you have to approve them...hmm, how did that private pic slip by and onto your forum? Also, whining about it like you're holier than thou on twitter just draws attention to the picture. I'm starting to think that MIGHT have been your ulterior motive.
Case & point: Get off of your soap box and PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. It's pretty easy. If you see a photo you don't want on your forum, remove it and move on. If you don't believe in posting certain pictures, be it private, paparazzi etc on your blog, DON'T. But whining on twitter about how it's so wrong, and you're so morally virtuous....well my friend, that's a joke.

Ok Nostens, time to look away :) Don't say I didn't warn you!



  1. great post Jen! I agree. I kinda felt bad because she made a mistake. But she needed to just say hey, I made a mistake, kindly remove.

  2. Twigirl- The person I'm talking about said they removed it, but would not stop bitching. It's just annoying.

  3. Hmmm I want to know who this person is now. I also want to see the picture, I didn't get to last night because I was babysitting... I heard about it but now I can't find it anywhere. :( I feel so outta the loop! Someone email meeeee!

    I agree with you Jen even though I didn't see any of this happen. People be crazy.

  4. I agree. I'm not a huge fan of pap pics but I look and post them sometimes however I personally draw the line when the celeb getting their pic taken is upset by it. But to bitch about certain pics instead of just moving on gives other people more of a reason to look at it.

    I saw the pic you're talking about... it was cute and a private looking moment that's why I looked, said awwww, then moved on without further incident.

    Sometimes people just don't think.

  5. I totally agree, Jen. Great post! :)

  6. You're so right. I mean you have total control of your blog, therefore if there is something you don't like, don't post it. If there was a mistake, then rectify it. But to go whining about it on twitter is totally unnecessary and inviting criticism from all who would disagree with their opinion.

  7. Well said. I hate double standards. Now you've got me wishing I'd spent more time on Twitter last night.


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