Saturday, January 1, 2011

Robsten Rejuvenation!

Sometimes all I need is a little Robsten rejuvenation to pep up the post-holiday doldrums...

The Robsten-gawds must be all-knowing....

Look what surfaced on NYE!?!?

Robsten!!! the UK...

...Isle of White to be exact.

Here they are posing with one lucky biotch!

And another of them at lunch earlier that day. Aww, see how close their arms are?!

I know these pics are kind of invasive, but admittedly I just can't get enough of Robsten. They're like a drug to me.

On an entirely different note, here's a new vid with those lovely Monkeys.

I miss seeing them live. ES & I probably check their website about 5 times a day checking for random updates. I'm not counting on them doing any LA shows very soon, because the Twi cast is supposedly going to start filming again next week...hopefully that translates to new set pics though...*crossing fingers and toes*

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Years Eve and day. Here's to a happy, healthy and Twi-filled 2011!




  1. LOL soo glad I'm not the only one checking the 100 Monkeys website allll the time waiting for them to post more shows. Amanda promised me we will go to many many shows next time they're in Cali. :)

    Robsten is just the cutest thing ever. I read that fan girl's story of how it went down when she met him on tumblr. I guess she felt really bad about asking to take that picture with them.

  2. I heart Robsten!! Thanks J! :D

  3. AW they are so flining-flanging cute together! i hope they know that they MUST stay together forever - lol! For all of us...

    Speaking of being together forever & all that, congrats to you, lady! sorry so late chiming in - the holidays were so nuts and chaotic. i'm currently basking in my "i made it!" moment.


  4. Damn it! Why didn't we think to spend NYE on the Isle of Wight just in case?

    Next year?

  5. Ah yes...the Robsten gawds! I love the fact that they already seem to have their little tradition of a low key NYE on Isle of Wight! So effing adorable! Love them...hard!

    The Mouth of Sex gawds have also smiled upon TwiBestie and I are going to see him in March! Squeee! :)

  6. Happy New Year!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and you enjoy all your wedding planning in 2011 !! woo hoo!!

  7. Awwwse!! :)
    I still give a Crapsten! <3

  8. Ditto - I give a crapsten too, they're totes cute together.

    @STY - I would be totes devastated if they broke up too.

    Happy New Year all


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