Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mini E's Re-Birth.

Have you ever heard a spiritual friend or family member describe an event or situation as a "re-birth" of sorts? Well.......while in Maui, Mini E started to feel extremely bonded with us all. But part of him felt guilty, since he'd been born, so to speak, at Lisa's house.

I assured him that I thought of him as family....but words weren't enough. He insisted on re-enacting this...........................


There was a series of pictures that had us is absolute hysterics, but seeing as ES sucks at responding to my request for said get the above. But believe only got worse ;)



  1. Lol you crazy girls. Love your tank top btw. :)

  2. Edward, I know you probably aren't still speaking to me, but if you need me to send you an airline ticket so you can come back home to Illinois, call or email me asap!

  3. OME, I just realized that Edward was breech. Gee Jen, I hope that wasn't too painful. LMAO!!

  4. Jen, Lolled so much at this post. That image is priceless - Mini E looks kinda happy there :-)


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