Monday, January 24, 2011

Ellabay Answay ethay Altipoomay

Ellabay Answay ethay Altipoomay
(inay igpay atinlay otay akemay itway oremay alluringay anday oremay elusiveay)

... OKAY, I won't really make you read an entirely elusive post in pig latin...
though it would be SO much fun...

Bella Swan The Maltipoo

Today at work (I'm a veterinary technician, btw), I had a cute little maltipoo pup in for vaccines. Her name was Bella. What else is new? We have always had a gazillion Bellas... I even had a rabbit named Bella (circa 2001). The clinic had an incline in "Bellas" over the past 4 or so years, and until that fatefull Twilight Spring 2009 (for me, I know, I was a late twibloomer), I didn't understand the sudden rise.

So Bella the maltipoo... I was holding her, waiting on my coworker to finish up what she was doing so she could help me vaccinate the little girl. I was playing with Bella and out of boredom began to eye her collar and tag... her tag read ... wait for it, wait for it!

Bella Swan

I immediately thumbed through the information section of her chart to see if they had called her that in her paperwork. No. "LAME!", I squealed. It's not as though we had missed it, they'd never told us (ahem, admitted). I was giddy and full of questions and comments, some more inappropriate than others... in the end I got a big kick out of telling the owner I had changed her dog's name to her full name in her chart and proceeded to ask her if she had an Edward. I was answered with a very blank stare.
Here's what I had in mind...

Her blank stare met my glazed expression (thinking about fang dog... SPARKLE dog...)... the silence was killing me, so I pressed on and decided to be a bit more blatant and speak to her as though I were speaking to a small child. I asked if she was going to find a somethingpoo with a sparklie peen... she looked at me all disgusted-like before I even had the chance to tell her about Twired... ah, well... I can't win 'em all!

Gotta love that when I googled 'sparklie peen' and synonyms,
I was referred back to the family of twitard h00r blogs...
including Twired. I found this on photobucket...

And uh... just for fun... Let's rewind to Edward and James... but as dogs, circa the end of the beginning of it all... Too bad we can't see a chunk of 'vampire neck' ahem, ahem CHICKEN, flying through the air!
Miss you h00rs... AND why you gotta go to fooooooooorks right when sista's getting hitched?

xox & 50 more,


*that's ES as in, 'Elusive S', in case you've forgotten about me ;)


  1. I think this is the first ES post I've seen since i've been a Twired fan! Woo hoo! I was wondering when you'd appear. You're like the toothfairy..or Jesus, if Jesus was way into Twilight (which I'm sure he is because who wouldn't be?)

    Me and my roomie have a cat named Bella but she was named like 8 years ago. And then we have Jasper who's only 6 months old. We were gonna name him Edward or Eddie but it just didn't go with his little fuzzy baby face. He's definitely a Jasper although sometimes (aka way more often than I'd like to admit) we slip and call him Jackson..i don't think he likes it since he knows his mommy has an obsession with that man. :)

    I can't believe that lady didn't get the Edward reference. Was her last name Swan and is that why her dogs name was "Bella Swan" or is she just Team Jacob? Hmm...

  2. Jaymes805- YAY Glad it's your first ES post... but also a wittle sad... it shows that I have been my most elusive ever. I sowwy! I'll try to make appearances a little more (But not too much, then I wouldn't be ES :)

    and... NO! It was actually "Bella Swan" and then the contact information and owner's name was underneath. EFFING love it.

    Aw Jasper... Love it... and I bet I'd slip and call him Jackson too... especially if he was licking my face...


  3. Oh hai ES *waves* Yes, you are very elusive. If this isn't the first post of yours I've seen, it's one of few.

    She didn't get it? WTF. Ridiculous! Maybe her kid named the dog?!

  4. Haiiiiiii Smitten :)

    Wave wave!

    Yah... people are weird. If you're going to go and name an animal after a character... and use the full name... please know the basic characteristics/relationships of said character.



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