Thursday, January 6, 2011

Backstage at the PCA' way.

Let's take a look backstage at the PCA's, shall we?

Couldn't resist.


I must say, Taylor looked VERY handsome, despite his canine ways...and Rob, well....dare I say it... was teetering on the edge of super adorkable. I mean really...he was probably super exhausted from all that crazy fake vamp sex earlier in the day & I'm sure KStew sucked it on the plane ride over...Can't blame the man for looking a little...flushed...

What I don't understand is how he goes from this:

Heartstoppingly adorkable. this:

Heartstoppingly gorgeous.


Ok, let me mop up for a second.......................................

Ok, I'm good.

I wasn't diggin' his "members only" jacket, as some of you so affectionately called it. It was like Grey Poupon and Hummus had a ugly kid. But I'm guessing he was just trying to match Ms. Stewart.

Whiiiich brings me to Robsten. Oh Robsten, how I love thee so. They looked precious together as always. And did ya'll see the little attempted hand grab on Rob's part as they all got up to receive their award? You could totes tell that Kristen was busy trying to pull her dress down as he did it...Did you all also see the lower back touching???!!! So adorable.

Cheers to you Robsten!



  1. LOL@ Please don't imprint!!!

    I agree Jen, there is such contrast between his adorkableness and his fuckhawtness. And both are equally lovable, if in completely different ways! Personally, I think he's magic! :)

  2. LOL "I'm sure KStew sucked it on the plane ride over..." hilarious Jen.

    Yea- that jacket was hideous- someone please fire the stylist!

    Robsten *cringes* she's paler then he is?! And can someone please give her a sandwich? a cookie? a ghirardelli chocolate?!

  3. That first picture is hilarious!!! I can't stop laughing. Toooo funny.

  4. Please, don't imprint. Please, don't imprint. Please, don't imprint...Hilarious! :)

    I'm going to go on the record here and admit it...I actually like the jacket! Just not with that shirt...and why button up the shirt all the way to the top?! IDK, I'm thinking that the jacket would have looked great with just a black t-shirt underneath or dare I say a tight black turtleneck? *ducks and dodges the cries of disbelief*

    In the end tho, he's SMOKIN' HAWT no matter what he wears.

  5. From heartstoppingly adorkable to heartstoppingly gorgeous indeed! *sigh*

    Love that last pic - Robsten=adorable.

  6. Hilarious! Loved it. That last shot is so cute IMHO xxx


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