Wednesday, January 5, 2011

People's Choice....ROBSTEN!!! *Updated w/ funny shit.

I haven't even watched the awards YET...because it's not on until 9PM here on the West! Actually that's better for me because the s/o will be in bed and I can squeeee like a twi-maniac :) I did cheat though and searched for pics.

It's those simple Robsten gestures that make my

Cannot wait to see more pics. Stay tuned!

...and I'm baaaack. Had to post this...PMSL! It was retweeted by @mandysmind.

Kristen looks smokin' hot. Just sayin'.



  1. I'm not down w/ his jacket. He's wearing nice black pants and a black button up with some weird tan khaki jacket. He's so cute but man....that jacket needs to go.

  2. Aw, I heart Robsten; they are too cute!

  3. I'm staying with my parents and WITHOUT my laptop - argh - so sneaking to Mum's PC when I can! WTF with the jacket Rob? But then, how cute will Kristen look in it in a few days time...

    Oh yeah, and I GIVE A CRAPSTEN. x

  4. I haven't watched yet :( It was a battle for the tv, Mr. NotSmitten wanted to watch the jr hockey finals. We compromised and watched a couple episodes of Sons of Anarchy, and I recorded the awards.

    He looks hot (DUH). But I agree, the jacket just doesn't cut it, at least with that outfit.

  5. Kristen looked amazing as did Taylor and Rob did his normal slightly off look but overall looked good.

    Thank goodness for Twitter last night or I never would have made it through the show. And thank goodness there was lots of coverage in the last 30 minutes or I would have been really sad I watched it all for nothing.

  6. I couldn't believe how much that show sucked until they showed up. I like that Rob's jacket kinda matched Kristen's dress, they were just all sorts of cute last night.

  7. Such cute little moments they shared last night! Made my Crapsten lovin' heart flutter! They all looked amazing. Rob's jacket was a little questionable, but when you look like him who cares right?!? And is it just me or do Kristen's legs go on forever?!? Kinda jealous! Just sayin! :)

  8. Seeing the three of them in the audience and on the stage last night made sitting through that whole awful show totally worthwhile.

    OMG Queen Latifah was horrific and that bit she did with R/K/T in the audience had me laughing out loud cause it was all kinds of awkward. I just loved watching Kristen's face as she reacted to each inane thing Queen L said, the wtf look on Taylor's face when QL asked him something particularly stupid, and I just love Rob's face all the time :)


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