Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Forbidden Fruit or Poisonous Apple?

Rumor has it some peeps are looking at Kristen Stewart as a possible shoe in for the role of Snow White. That shoe in comment would have been kind of funny if it were for the role of Cinderalla...just sayin'.

In all seriousness, I could totally see it.

Viggo Mortensen is apparently rumored to play the Hunstman who takes her into the woods to kill her (um...I don't remember that)....what about the Prince? IMDB has someone else rumored to play both Snow White & The Huntsman...but let's just pretend shall we?



Oh no,Snow White's poisonous apple!

Twilight's forbidden fruit.

Everything is better in Edward's hand.

I started pondering the the idea/meaning behind the apple in Snow White and in Twilight. Quite a few of us believe that Stephanie Meyer used the apple to represent forbidden love, but I have realized it could be viewed as a poisonous apple as well. We all know Bella wants to be close to Edward in ways she can't. She may not view Edward as poisonous, but Edward certainly believes he is......hmmm. Food for thought...




  1. I would totally go see that version of Snow White..that would be awesome. The original oold version was on a few months ago and Snow White looked creepy. And what's with the dude trying to kill her?? Creepy. I missed that when I was little. Now that I think about it, a LOT of cartoons had some major creepiness to it. Hmm.

    I'm not sure what the apple represents but that's a good food for thought that I'm sure none of us realized. She should have used a cherry...since Bella doesn't get hers popped until the 4th book.

  2. I've still never seen another KStew movie (apart from the obv). WTTR hasn't been released here and I missed the Runaways - I wanna see both though.

    Snow White though, when I've pictured her as Bella in so many duuurrrty fics? Not sure if I can do it. But if Viggo's there... I am too. J/S.

  3. Cutest post Jen!

    What's with all the grownup version of fairytales being made? Catherine Hardwick's Riding Hood and now Snow White?

    I could completely see Viggo in this role! Not sure about Kristen. The huntsman from the story I remember, but I'm not sure if Snow White ever threw her thumbs up in the air to the seven dwarves and said, "I'm a virgin!"

    @twikiwi you must see KS in 'Speak'

  4. I hadn't heard this rumour. Her looks fit, but I have trouble seeing her as the pure good girl. No matter, I'd watch. mmmmmmmmmmmm Viggo!!!!

    Old disney movies are all quite dark, or at least have some srsly dark elements. I do remember the huntsman, now that I've been reminded. SW was never a fave of mine, her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me!

    @TT LMAO "The huntsman from the story I remember, but I'm not sure if Snow White ever threw her thumbs up in the air to the seven dwarves and said, "I'm a virgin!"

  5. I am going to guess here but the "new" versions of fairy tales are actually the old original NON- Disney versions of the fairy tales. The original stories were scary and dark. I took a course in college on Fairy Tales as literature and there were some I just couldn't read in their original format as they were too gross and scary - cutting off hands, killing, etc. So my guess is people are just going back to the originals and cashing in on the scary aspect of them as those movies always seem to do well.

    And Jen you have a good thought on the poisonous apple theme.

  6. @DD- You are so right! I was just thinking that they all begin as much darker fairy tales, and Disney made them a lot more lighthearted. Kid friendly ;)

  7. @DD is completely correct. The original tales are actually very dark and very disturbing. And some are just plain short, only a few pages. Disney is the one who popularized it and made it "believably" safer for children.

    I have to agree, if they are going to make a Snow White, my bets is that it will be rated R (if they are going to make it right) and I have no problem with KS as Snow White. We shall see...

  8. I only read about this possible movie/casting yesterday, just before I got distracted by running into a gorgeous NZ Rugby player & had to tell I_Heart_Fifty (read brag to))and then we both got distracted looking at pics of said gorgous rugby player mostly with his shirt off!!

    Soo..where was I again...Oh yeah Kristen has got the look for sure and Viggo UNF (I have had a mad crush on him since he played Aragorn) I could totally see him as the hunter sent by the Queen to kill SW. I love the old original fairy tales and not the Disney versions. I'm quite looking forward to this one.

    Now Rob cast as the Prince would be good but the death knell of the movie - once a couple does a movie after the one they fall in love in - it never goes well. Hmmmmm Maybe that cutie Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian)...

  9. I think Kristen would be great as Snow White.
    re. the pics of Robsten - aaawwwww.... my favey couple. :)

    @ I_heart_Fifty - I've seen KS in Adventureland (a great quirky li'l flick) & The Runaways. I highly recommend both. I'm dying to see WTTR; I guess I gotta wait for the dvd because it wasn't shown in the theatres 'round here. :(


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