Monday, January 3, 2011

Edzilla....not Godzilla!

After taking a bath this evening I made a run (yes run because it's cold right now in So Cal) for my bedroom only to find Mini E, aka Small Town Edward, chillin' in my bed. Ok, I get it....I bought a new down comforter cover from Ikea and he's super into it.

Oddly enough, I'd been eye-ing this particular duvet cover from Target for a year or more. It's an ashy green meets blue-ish grey color. Unfortunatley it's $79 buckaroos. Yesterday I had this overwhelming urge to wander through Ikea, as it had been about a year or so since I'd done so. I ran smack dab into the bedroom section and saw this cover on a sample bed. It was almost the exact color, but about $30 less! Sweet. AND, it's textured........ok I'm not a bedding snob, but I thought it looked cool and figure my s/o would dig it, which he did. better skedaddle before DG sees you!

Off he ran into the living room while I dried off and put clean PJ's on.....About 10 minutes later I find him chillin' on my coffee table with a look of ridiculous enthusiasm.

Apparently he had no idea I was engaged.
Shit...maybe I did forget to tell him! What an awful human I am.
: Those are ES's old books...I did not buy them.

I started feeling bad that I'd accidentally left him out. Before I knew it , he'd poured me a glass of "Barefoot Sparkling Pinot Grigio" and was yelling "CHEERS!"

Mini E can be such a sweetheart....let's hope he doesn't turn into "Edzilla"...cause I'm certainly NOT a bridezilla. Just sayin'.

Mini E: "Cheers! I invited to the wedding?"

Yes, you betcha! I will find a sneaky way to incorporate you into the ceremony if it's the last thing I do. Whether you're perched on the ground as our witness (kidding) or sitting in NotSoTwiredMom's'll be there!

Where's the oddest place you have taken your Mini E?!?



  1. My counseling sessions and the last time I even pulled him out and told him he would be listening in on the session. She accepted it :) I love my counselor.

  2. Kiwi-Ed still refuses to be seen in public - or anywhere for that matter - because he hasn't got his new shirt yet. What he doesn't know yet is that I bought it for him this morning. I'm keeping it on the DL for a few days until I get back from my summer holiday - but then, all will be revealed!

    Great post, btw, I'm glad he didn't get too jealous when he found out you and DG are getting hitched. Last thing you need is a jealous Edward!

  3. I can't believe you forgot to tell Edward you were engaged to a human. Look forward to hearing how he is incorporated into the ceremony.

    The craziest place I ever had my Edward out was Toby's Tavern on Whidbey Island Washington. I ordered a Rainier beer and asked my mom if they knew here in this tavern that she had been talking about for years. When she said no, I took out Edward & took pictures of him with the can of Rainier.

  4. I read this line about the duvet cover, "It's an ashy green meets blue-ish grey color" and I was so confused cause I couldn't figure out what color is Ashley Greene. Apparently I'm a bit slow today, or maybe it's cause just I'm wearing my Twilight-colored glasses :) XOXO

  5. I took my Pocket Edward to Seaside Heights, NJ (a shore resort about an hour from me) & had my teenage son take pics of him with his phone in different places. He said "I can't believe I'm doing this!" LOL


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