Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dear Kellan...Dear Jackson...

Dear Kellan,

Please.......puh-lease .......NEVER slick back your hair ala' Nicholas Cage.

Never do it again.

K thanks bye.

Dear Jackson,

Please.....puh-lease.....ALWAYS put things on your head...

either head ;)

Yup Jackson had a little "hat" theme going on prior to his recent 100 Monkeys performances. You gotta love a man that's not afraid to be a goofball.

Last but certainly not least....

Dear Rob,

Please.....puh-lease....ALWAYS know that you can put absolutely ANYTHING on your head and we will love you...leg hump you...lust over you... get the idea ;)




  1. DAMMIT KELLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  2. Yea, slicked back hair does not work on Kellan. And I totally agree that a guy who can be a goofball is quite nice. I love how comfortable Jackson is in his skin - it is refreshing.

  3. That Kellan pic made me want to cry.

  4. A man not afraid to be a goofball... that's what makes Rob so adorkable. *sigh*

  5. Haha I had to tell Amanda about Kellan's tragic NYE outfit yesterday. I was scared but she took it rather well.

    I heart beanie Rob. And I heart non-beanie Rob.

    I flove Jackson's latest head accessories. Did you see the latest pic of him with his monkeys slippers? Adorbs! :)

  6. LOL...
    Oh I have to agree with everything.
    Gah, poor Kellan, that was just a horrible idea.
    Jackson, oh you fool- love you to pieces!

  7. Okay Kellan so it was 'a look' you tried it out once, now please take Jen's advice. Also hope he ditches the blue ruffle shirt.

    I love Jackson and his shenanigans.


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