Monday, January 10, 2011

A Wedding, A Kiwi & A Schmexy Bookmark!

Is it horrible that I was secretly thankful that my wedding date didn't interfere with any possible say BD camping or the actual BD release :) I think not. Granted, had they (the venue) had availability on a Saturday in early November would I have jumped on it? Yes. BUT missing out on BD shiz would have always been in the back of my head. *Don't worry Small Town Edward aka Mini E...I will find a way to incorporate you if it killz me!

With that said....the date is set: Friday Sept. 30th, 2011. Ok, I guess it's not official, seeing as the contract still needs to be signed, but it's pretty much a shoe in. Hmm, I sense a post that involves my wedding pictures and Bella's wedding pictures...... Sweeeet.

Ok, enough wedding talk. I know before I was engaged I felt an intense jealous rage towards anyone who talked weddings. Don't get me wrong, I am not a bridezilla, nor was I the little girl who dreamed of her future wedding. It had more to do with the fact that I was so sick and tired of my s/o not taking that final plunge. We have owned a condo together for 4 years for gawd sake. I mean...geeez buddy...move it or lose it ;)


In different news...I was fortunate to have a lovely conversation with my Sister from across the !!! We set up a skype date yesterday, and dagnabit if my skype decided to be a whiney bitch. At first she could see me but not hear me, then she could hear me but not see me. Needless to say our conversation went ended up with me being able to see her and her only hearing me *evil laugh* We spent a good 40 minutes talking! She's a sweetheart and I cannot wait to meet her in person sometime in AUGUST! Yup, she's venturing from the New Zealand to good old California..and hopefully Washington State too! Foooooorks!!!

Speaking of I_heart_Fifty, look what she sent me...and quite a few others too. It's homemade!

Sooo pretty w/ the Precious!

Nothing like Rob peeking out at ya...
Sidenote: ES let me borrow a few "easy reading" books for our trip to Maui...
I got about 4 chapters into this and was bored to tears. Sorry ES!

Thank you again Amy *cough I_heart_Fifty cough*! I LOVED the card you included as well...w/ the signature jumping Rob. Can't wait to share a bottle or two of wine with YOU!



  1. Awww shucks! A post all (ok half) about lil' ol me??

    Glad you like the bookmark... shame I didn't remember to make one for myself *evil plan to print/laminate at the office again asap*

    Was fantabulous to talk to you last night, I wanna see your pretty face next time though!

    Can't wait to come over and meet you, and hopefully some others too. I've been to NYC in recent years but not the West Coast, so BRING IT ON!


    p.s. I'll be needing a bloody mary too, thanks!

  2. Well, I didn't have much of a wedding since Mr. NotSmitten and I threw it together in a week when my parents happened to be visiting... So I'll live vicariously thru you Jen!!!

    Amy, those books marks are AWESOMESAUCE!!!!

    And Jen, I enjoy the Sophie Kinsella books, but I didn't like the ones published as Madeline Wickham. Another author I like is Marian Keyes, usually funny interspersed (is that a word?) with some drama.

  3. I love weddings!!! I am so excited for you Jen!

    How cool that you got to talk to I Heart Fifty - waaaay cool. I just watched her video of her home and I could listen to her talk with her accent for days on end. Hopefully I will get that chance in August :) woo hoo!!

  4. how fun that you and bella will be showcasing your weddings around the same time. i live for this shit;)

    congrats again!

  5. What a lovely bookmark, Amy! Perfect way to sneak a little Rob into the bedroom if you keep your book on the bedside table. ;)

    Wedding pics will be great! I'mma say Mr. NotsoTwired can hold his own in the groom dept against the pale vampire! But the poor groomsman that walks down the aisle with ES, I have a feeling he might be getting a manip of Jackson's head in the pictures. lol

  6. Weddings are so much fun. I'm so happy for you Jen! I can't remember who suggested it, but I agree - you should incorporate Mini E in your wedding bouquet. Maybe you could stick him in your garter. How understanding/Twi-tolerant is your fiance? LOL My hubby suggested Mini E be the ring-bearer.

    I absolutely LOVE that bookmark!! I want one!

  7. You're beating Bella to the altar!!! I can't wait to see your wedding dress comparison post... I know yours will be waaaay better!

    I just started Skype not log ago, isn't Skype fun??? (well when it actually works lol)

  8. I bet Tom shows up at your wedding. We'll find him...

  9. Woohoo, September 30th! This time next year you'll be a Married Woman!
    It's pretty awesome.
    I really really wanna see STE somehow get to be the cake topper. Or at least have a photo before the cake is cut!
    And I'm def looking forward to the Bella vs. Jen wedding photos!
    I saw an awesome manip of the Prom scene in Twilight the other day, stared at it for like 5 minutes straight. So glad I'm not being a spoiler virgin for BD! I can't wait that long!
    And I bet you can't wait that long for your wedding either!
    Enjoy being engaged and flashing that bling around!

  10. Hey Jen. Yay I'm finally back to the blogs and stuff. RL is not calming down but I was having withdrawals - Oh wow you guys set the date. So exciting!!!! I vote for STE in the bouquet - that would be cool.

    @I_heart_fifty - OMG Scummitt should pay you to make bookmarks - much better than the ones from the movie. Gah - all my fave Rob's in the one bookmark - ded!

    How great that you guys got to chat (sort of) on Skype.

    On a side note - did you see the honeymoon pic released today - SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!

  11. Wow it makes it soooo official when the date is set, huh? Congratulations

    That book mark is super smexy - @IhF gave me one too, she's such a h00r giving them away willy nilly!

    @edwardsisobel - just saw the honeymoon photo, OMFG.


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