Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...or is it a Deformed Nipple?!

Oh hai Jackson!

Don't hide Jared...we see your sexalicious smirk!

I'm betting on deformed Nipple.

That is all.

Oh wait....

...even with a deformed nipple on his head, he still looks DELICIOUS.



  1. Dude he could wear a pile of dog crap on his head and he'd still be hot. Smelly, but hot.

    I think he stole one of my rings. I lost it recently and it looks identical to the one he's wearing in this picture. Hmmmm...sort of shady!

  2. Yeah, he's hot no matter what. Love the devil horns. Wait, do they still call them devil horns, or am I dating myself?? :O

  3. Ok, I've definitely caught Jacksonitis!
    It took me a while, and I definitely don't find him as edible in all his photo shoots/hairdos/states of scruffiness/etc, but this whole long blonde (Jasper?) hair style with things on his head is really working for me.
    Shall I thank you for passing on the Jacksonitis?

  4. That is one bizarre plastic blow-up hat. Reminds me of a p33n head... No matter, he's still hot. Like REALLY hot!

  5. You ladies are making it really difficult for me not to fall in love with itty-bitty man.

  6. He's hilarious... and odd.

    Hey, your almost leaving for Hawaii. Have fun!!

  7. @Jaymes805 - I am starting to wonder if he is stealing your stuff or you are stealing his??!!! LOL!!!

    @ miss tejota - Jackson will get you when you least expect it. I was doing fine until a picture a few months ago where he is singing - I was done. It is worth it. He is a cutie, he is fun and he doesn't take anything too seriously and who couldn't use a little of that in their lives? :)

    @ TwiredJen - Have a great time in Hawaii!!

  8. Wow. He has his name on his jacket. He's like Laverne without the Shirley.

  9. I am loving this pic. Even a deformed nipple can't take away from the smoldering sexiness!

    Hope you have a fantastic trip Jen! xo

  10. ooooh he was wearing a hat??? Must have been distracted by the MOS and those realllllly long fingers...daydreaming even maybe.


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