Friday, January 28, 2011

Thinking About Going To Forks? READ THIS 1st!


Hi lovely ladies! I can't tell you how many times I have typed or said, "FOOOOOOOORKS!!!" Even though I can't make it this second time around, due to my own damn wedding *sniff*...Yah, I know, my weeding is important. I was actually shooting for late Oct or early Nov, but the venue I chose was booked and I went with a Friday...Sept 30th to be exact. Clearly I lost my mind for a second when I agreed to that date. JK, I really wasn't thinking about that at that moment....However, once I realized I was going to miss Foooorks Round Two, I was relieved I wouldn't miss out on Breaking Dawn Premiere Camping. Thank Gawd.

Anyhoo, did you miss Foooooorks 2010? Are you hoping to venture out for Fooooorks 2011? Maybe you did go to Forks 10', but getting there was a cluster fuck? Well, READ THIS:

Who am I kidding, this isn't going to be all official or anything. I just wanted to offer up my services (she said that) to anyone who might want to pick my brain.

Here's my quick story:
I flew from San Diego to Seattle, rented a car and drove by myself to Fooooorks. Prior to the trip I did ALOT of research. Probably way more than is considered sane. But that's just me, I'm a planner. I don't need to have details of a vacation planned, but I sure as hell need to know how I'm getting there. Sooo, I opted for the NON-FERRY route. After much consideration, it seemed the better option for me. With ferries, you risk missing them, or getting caught up in traffic trying to catch them (rare, but a possibility,) plus they cost $. Not taking the ferry doesn't mean you won't hit traffic...but I arrived at 9:40am, so I knew I'd be ok.

Long story short, I asked around, even called the Forks Motel. They thought I would be lucky to make it in 5 hours...You see, I was trying to make it to my 3 pm Twi Tour...and was not due to arrive at SeaTac until aboutl 9:30am. This had me nervous! Google promised I'd make it in 3 hours and 24 minutes... and I wanted to believe it. A few locals thought I was nuts...ok MOST thought I was nuts. Guess what folks? I made it to Forks in 3 hours and 30 minutes. It's an easy, smooth & scenic drive. I loved every minute of it. Maybe the anticipation of meeting all my besties had my adrenaline on overload...but it was a blast. The trickiest part is driving from Port Angeles to's about 35 minutes of a super long and windy road around a lake. Think car commercials ;) But by the time you hit Port Angeles, you'll be on such a high anyways.

Anyhoo, I did it, loved it, and totally would recommend it. With that said: If anyone has any questions or just wants to pick my brain, either ask in the comments, or email me if it's more involved. I'd be HAPPY to help guide you or just offer advice. Did I mentioned Lisa and I made a stop in Seattle on our last day...we HAD to see ESCALA! *MOTU!!!* So feel free to ask about that too! I'm here to help.

In the mean time, here's some pics I'm sure most of you have seen. I could relive it again and again!

Lake Crescent...between Port Angeles & Forks.

Rialot Beach...near 1st beach. was sunny!

CullenaryCursor, Mrs P, JennyJerkface, SnarkierThanYou, Twilove_Sue1, me & 17foreverlisa

I almost PMSL reenacting the breakup scene in the HOH Forrest.

Look where Lisa & I went!

Dangrdafne, TwilightCupcake, 17foreverlisa, truebldtwilght, Musingbella, Mrs P, me & Twilove_Sue1

With that h00r, LatchkeyWife

Twi Tour on Day 1!!! Myg, Me, Mrs P, Twilove_Sue1

In the presence of greatness. STY, Myg, JJ, LKW & VitaminR70 ;)

*Memories I will cherish for a life time*

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  1. These pics make me want to go back ASAP!! Can't freaking wait until Sept. So unbelievably sad that you won't be able to make it but we'll definitely do a toast to you and your marriage :) I think me and Amanda are going to come down for Blogher so at least we'll alll get to hang out then!

  2. Yay seriously? I think Amy (Twikiwi) will be here then. Sweet. JJ, STY and LKW are supposed to come too. Awesome.

    I would love to see you girls before though. Seriously considering planning a solo road trip maybe in late March early April...

    Keep ya posted.

    xo J

  3. I have so many wonderful memories of our trip to Forks!! Meeting everyone in person after being online friends was truly awesome and we all had an instant connection, like we'd known each other forever. We really became a Twitarded community & it's only grown since we got home. I wish I could do it all over again. Great post, Jen!!

  4. I love that you took the route that you did! I would love to do that!!!! What an opportunity to enjoy the scenery. I'm pretty sure that I cannot make it to Forks again this year, but one of these days. And when that day comes, I will definitely hit you up for advice.:) My cuz was actually saying she would love to do a girls road trip all the way from Chicago to Forks. I'm so down with that! Think Thelma and Louise! LOL

    Hows the wedding planning going???? I know it's not Forks, but that is really exciting too!!!!! LOL!


  5. I LOVE the fact that you and Sue went to Escala. And took pictures. :)

    This is a great post, Jen. I know there are a few people who are a little nervous about driving by themselves but it really is a lovely drive - beautiful.

    I can't wait to see you in August!!

  6. Just saw your tweet about reading the blog - this is just the sort of info I need :-)

    While it's still written in the stars whether or not I'll make it over to the States, I'd like to think I can plan away over the next few months, then hit my hubs with the package deal - all thought out, planned and (perhaps most importantly) costed. That's the spanner in the works. It's a long way from the UK :-(

    Anyhoo, thanks for your post - and I may well be emailing you in the weeks to come!

    Good luck with the wedding preparations by the way!

    CC x

  7. I second everything Jen has said in this post. It is really a good drive and not complicated directions at all. We also skipped the ferry and it worked for us too. I would suggest making sure you leave time to stop along the way to take pictures of the scenery on the drive. You can see Mt. Rainier many times on the trip and it is amazing. Lake Crescent is also beautiful especially if it is sunny. Forks is great and meeting Twitards is the best thing ever. I hope to see you all there. THanks Jen for offering to help people, that is very sweet of you... especially while planning your own wedding - which I am so excited for too :)

  8. I may have to take you up on some travel tips. I got my tickets last week, however I'll be there in July. It's nothing personal Twitards!

  9. Yay! I love your pics. I especially love that I'm all bent over in your group pic so I'll be the same height as everyone. ;) I don't know why I did that - I think yours is the only one like that! LOL

    Aaaaanyway, it's nice of you to offer your tips, and I am SO SAD that you won't be there but I'm also SO HAPPY for you about getting married! So, it evens out.

    I did go on the ferry, and I have to say, it took about the same amount of time (maybe three hours, but we left from Edwards (LOL - I wish I could put a possessive apostrophe in that), which is where the ferry leaves from. The one rec I have (which I don't know if this is different from how you go if you don't take the ferry) - we drove through the cutest tiny stuck-in-the-1900s town on the way from the ferry to Port Angeles. It was breathtaking and quaint and amazing. And the ferry was pretty easy and relaxing - but it *did* cost about $20 (if I remember correctly) for a car and 2 people.

    I'm super excited to go back! Hope the wedding planning is coming along nicely, too - I don't believe I've seen a ring yet, have I???? ;)

  10. Erin- you've got mail.

    Everyone- XOXOXO

  11. I'm definitely thinking of going this time, but of course, it all depends on my finances. I'll do my best to earn the money for the trip anyway I know how. Then I'll come back to read this post again, because so far,I'm nowhere close to thinking about the logistics of the trip itself.

  12. FFFOOORRRKKKSSS!!! Man I miss saying that on a daily basis.

    Awesome post, Jen. Love reliving the trip. Going to Escala with you was an absolute highlight.



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