Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Catching Up With Breaking Dawn!

Admittedly, I just love that the Twilight cast is back in Vancouver. I'm sure they don't love it, seeing as there seems to be an abundance of paps...but I can't help but squeeee a bit.

One of my bloggy friends, who I have had the pleasure of sharing a hotel room with [which basically means she's seen me in my undies] lives in Vancouver. Mandy from Mandy's Mind ALWAYS manages to score great set pics. You should definitely check out her site, as she's always updating....especially when filming is going on practically in her backyard.

With her blessing, I'm re-posing a few of her recent photos. THE HOUSES OF TWILIGHT!

The Swan household...looks PERFECT, as always :)

The Black's House. Look, it's Jake's rabbit!

AND WAIT FOR IT.............


The Cottage?!? SQUEEEEE! Mandy, you rock for getting this. AMAZING. Cannot wait to see more, because I am a huge spoiler h00r!

Ahhhhmazing, just like Jaspa's Ahhhhhmy :) Wondering what else the cast is up to? Well.... Kellan has been pumping some SERIOUS iron! And Ashley Greene was out shopping last night at KITSON in LA. ES & I were just there shopping on Sunday!!! Mackenzie Foy was also out shopping in Vancouver with her Mom.

Feel overwhelmed yet? No? I can overwhelm you with some new HAWT Rob photos. Apparently they are from his new VF photo shoot via Anna Leibovitz!



Wasn't it fun catching up? I enjoyed it. Remember, TWIRED is not VIRGIN-FRIENDLY.....

I'm a huge, gaping-wide SPOILER H00R!

P.S. Make me a new twitter backgroud?



  1. Oh my, oh my, oh my I cannot breathe... those Kellan pics *swoon* Rob in that black shirt or white shirt black tie, sunglasses... I don't know how much more I can take, but I'm willing to be a test subject for Rob/Kellan overload!!!

  2. It's official. I need to remove my 'in mourning' twitter avi and reinstate full SPOILER H00R status! Thanks, Jen!

  3. Bring on the spoilers!!! I'm a h00r. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

    Love your house picture captions. "Look it's Jake's rabbit" LMAO


  4. The drought is almost over. You can feel it!!!!! Cannot wait for the VF issue to come out and, of course, the WFE press junket.

    You know I've followed Mandy's blog for a long time, and it all started with her awesome coverage of set pics. Having met your roomie in Forks, it makes it even more fun to follow her, doesn't it?


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  6. Oops! Wrong link. If you haven't seen it yet, you'll have to check out Mandy's picture of Rob filming in what she thinks is the Denali Clan's Alaskan home.

  7. I'm a semi-spoiler-hoor. I want to see, but I want to be surprised...this is the point I always start getting torn.

    I'll have to check out Mandy's site. I've been there before, but I need to add her to our sidebar, so I'll be reminded to visit more often.

    I CAN.NOT.WAIT for the VF issue.


  8. Oh, and LOVE the cottage pic!! My mind starts racing when I see set pics. It's ridiculous really.

  9. Where's the Rob hat pics? ;) No amishward for us? Jk... not a fan of the hat. At all!

  10. Jamie-Don't like the new hat either, hence why I didn't post pics.

    Lisa- Damnit I did see that pic and had it ready to post on this one...bust must have forgotten.

  11. I'm a total spoiler hoor also, so please keep 'em coming. It's like crack to me!!!!! Hee hee, I always get so sidetracked when I have to try to concentrate enough to write my comment when that gif of Rob is right there taking his shirt off over and over and over and over (not that I'm complaining!).


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