Saturday, February 5, 2011

Twitards Unite

I warn you that this post isn't going to be funny, or the least bit creative. Got it? Good.

Today I had the most relaxing Saturday....and thus I'm SUPER mellow. That said, Friday night I met up with some fellow Twitarards for an evening of Bobby Long. I had seen him before & knew he had an amazing voice, worth experiencing more than once.

@TwiloveSue, who's been moonlighting over at Twibite, made the effort to organize our gathering. Thank you Sue!

Linda (@Twifix), Twidaughter Nicole, Christina (@VampiresWeLove), Twidaugher Meghan, Sue (@TwiloveSue), Me (@TwiredJen) & Jessica (@LuvsMeSumEdward)
I think @ZAnyMouse was taking the pic!

So good to see Jess again! aka @LuvsMeSumEdward

Oh, hey there hiding something.

I have to apologize to everyone for being so pooped, it was such a long week at work! Nonetheless, I had a great time, and it was awesome to finally meet @VampiresWeLove.

On a completely different note, thank you to
@Double_Dippin @Dangrdafne @musingbella & @17foreverlisa for coming up with the idea of a virtual wedding shower! I am absolutely blown away at the idea that you'd do this for me?!? Someone in the Twidom might also be having a virtual Baby Shower too, but I don't want to out them...even though it's been on twitter. P.S. it's *NOT ME!*

This Twi-dom means the WORLD to me...I cannot say thank you enough. You all rock.



  1. Jen, I had a great evening with you and the gang! The music and food were fabulous, and spending an evening like that with such wonderful friends is priceless.

    (ZAnyMouse was there too, hiding behind the camera in our group photo)

  2. I saw him perform on Leno the other night and although I had a hard time understanding half of what he said...he rocked. I loved his music.
    Looks like another awesome meet up!

  3. I for one cannot WAIT until I can post some pics on TwiKiwi of me and fellow Twitards! August seems so far away...

    YAY about the Wedding Shower! That is so awesome. I'll be there with bells on.

    Yup, I had no idea who Bobby Long was until you told me on twitter - isn't it amazing how this twi-dom teaches us new things? For example, my love for KStew movies (new post coming as soon as I can type with two hands again), Muse, 100Monkeys, WfE... it goes on.

    I flove you, and all of our twi-sisters xxx

  4. As you know, this was my first Bobby Long..I had a great time & was thrilled to meet all of you! I look forward to many more events on the horizon :)

    And like you Jen, I was also wiped..this week kicked my butt. I pull 12 hour days as it is-I had some sleep issues last week & I was feeling pretty subdued. At least I didn't fall asleep in anyone's lap!! #thankgodIwasntdrinking Uh-yeah, it happens

    Next up...Comic-Con/Tent City/Midnight BD!!! and anything else fun inbetween...

    Twitards Rock! That is all...

  5. I'm sure the show was amazing. Jealous.

    I'm continuously blown away by the sense of family and community within this group. You are all amazing!

  6. It was so much fun! You girls rocked, and Bobby was delicious, and I'm glad I was able to get a great pic of you all in front of his bus. Say thanks to your restaurant friend for the deelish appetizers and great food for dinner. I would surely go back there again!


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