Thursday, February 10, 2011

You So Ugly Girl!

They sometimes start with this. It's great for pumping up the if we need any pumping...

I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL FEBRUARY 19th! It will be our 7th show! *I count based on outfits I's the only way I can remember! Jackson sometimes repeats outfits, so I can't count his ;)

1. LA Viper Room -jeans & black top
2. LA Viper Room -leggings & purple top
3. San Diego Soma -leggings & green top
4. LA Viper Room -skinny jeans, boots & black top
5. San Diego HOB -jeans & black top(?)
6. LA Viper Room -jeans & white leopard print tank with black wrappy thing.
7. LA Roxy-???

That is all.



  1. 7. LA Roxy- Black puff painted "Jackson is gooder than Bieber" tank top. Skinny Jeans. Boots.

    Ha Yes that man does repeat outfits. It's sad though based on some of his outfits, I know what show it was. I haven't even been to any of them. I love his grey jeans and red plaid shirt. Also a fan of the white vest. And of anything with a tie. I just heart him. I CAN'T WAIT.

    K back to work. Thanks for the distraction love!

  2. Look at you. Your such a hard core fan. Wish I could go!

  3. I've been in my fat clothes for the better part of a year, and have worn practically the same thing to every concert. Shameful, I know. At least this way he will recognize me, right?

    @Jaymes805 Lmao! I love the idea of Bieber cleavage.

  4. Roxy: skinny jeans, boots, Twitarded t-shirt... (just a suggestion.)

    : )

    @jaymes805 - lmfao!!!

    and i feel like i always wear some variation of "jeans and a black t-shirt" every time i go out - sigh...

  5. Jealous much!

    After all this 100Monkeys love from afar, finally got to download Grape yesterday and now can't stop listening...

    REALLY wanna see them live so bad!

    Have an awesome time xxx

  6. I think it's hilarious you remember what you've worn each time. Is that from looking at photos? Otherwise it's insane that you have that kind of recall. Thanks for the video. They're coming here of course and I wanted to hear more of their music.


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