Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday To You....


TLaut, Taycob, Tay...whatever you may call him...

is 19 today!

Trust me when I say that if I was 15, I'd be all over his sh*t. In fact, the boys ass kinda makes me moist. And that scene in Eclipse where he's leaning up against the car all laid back and oooozing sex? Yeah, I'm *cough pervert cough* into it.

Team Jacob? Hell no.

Team Taylor...hell no.

But, I do appreciate the fact that he's a "fine young man" ....
[who I'd let stick his peepy in my vag should I ever get the opportunity...there, I said it]

Since I'm in an appreciating mood, let's appreciated this fine young semen..I mean specimen:

*This is gay, but whatev'* I was lazy and stole it from here.

My s/o wears pants like these, but his stomach doesn't quite look like this.

"Hey there Bella..."

Always gotta represent *LISA* w/ the blk & wht.



  1. [who I'd let stick his peepy in my vag should I ever get the opportunity...there, I said it] Bahahaha! If I had been drinking anything it would have been all over my computer screen! are a perv ;)

  2. we're all pervs..what of it? :P
    I think Tay-Tay is a good-lookin dude..but he does absolutely nothing for my lady-bits. I think it has something to do with the fact that he will always be Shark Boy to me..anything more would feel creepy I think. Thank Gawd Rob was never a child actor!!! Cedric doesn't count, cuz he was past puberty! And I paid no attention to him in that movie there! *yeah-I just justified that somehow in my head so I don't seem like a perv in any documentable way* **would pass him off to Jen if he wanted to stick his peepee in my vag**

  3. Taylor is official as old as my son now. Def not going to perv on either of them. They are both fine young men for someone who isn't as far over the hill as I am.

  4. Oh dear. First we discuss the Bieb and then Taycob? If I didn't know you as well as I do... I'd be worried. JSYK. ;-)

  5. Not gonna argue, the boy has the looks. Still don't know that he really does it for me, probably just an age thing. If I was younger, yeah, I'd be all over that.

  6. Yeah he's really young.. and yeah he looks super innocent, like he'd meet your parents while bringing flowers to your mom and say things like "shucks", "Gee" and "Gosh" but dude has a f'ing HOT body and beautiful face. Not gonna lie, I'd hit it.


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