Monday, February 28, 2011

I'd Look Pissed Too.

I don't think I could ever get enough set pics. That said, here's another. This time we get a closer look at Mr. Broodward.

Freezing my ass off in snow? I'd be pissed too.

Psst...that ring is kinda big, no?

Broodward is so hawt though.
Maybe if the camera guy threw some iced cold Gatorade over his head he'd look even sexier? Hmmm....

I wonder if Rob is back in Vancouver yet? We saw KStew arrive. I'm pretty sure we'd know if Rob was there. I believe the above pic is from earlier in the week, pre-LA romp with the Mrs.

Ashley Greene arrived safely, as did some of the wolfpack.

Guess who else is officially there too?????!!!!!


Oh hai Gil, where's the chair?

I'll let you click on the above linky if you missed the original PILF comment from ES ;)

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet. Hope there's more to come in the way of pictures this week!



  1. I'm sorry, did you say something? I'm still staring at that wedding ring. UNGH.

  2. Love the wedding band on Rob’s finger. *Sighs*

  3. I'd totally make dirty snow angels with Rob any day. ;)
    When is Mr. Rathbone going to be in Canada? I knew I shoud have gotten a passport earlier.
    *runs off to read about PILF*

  4. So far, of all the set pics, the biggest winner is the RING for me. So fucking hawt.

    *tries to imprint that image on brain for married-to-Rob dreams tonight*

  5. Yup, LOVE the ring on that finger!!

    I had a fangirl SQUEEEE last week when Gil responded when I tweeted him!!!!!!!!!!!!! He'd made a joke about hitting the gym for his BD shirtless scene. I RT'd that we could start a #takeitoffgil campaign! He responded with:
    which is more than I expected. He's famous. He's from twilight. And he knows the Precious....Life is good!

  6. It was very very snowy over the weekend. I'm happy if they got out of town even if it was cold in LA. I'm hoping they're all back in town by Friday - yes I bought tickets for 100 Monkeys. I realize there's no way I could face you in real life again if I didn't go ;)
    I love that he is in my town and wearing that ring!

  7. @twilightcupcake
    YAY! So glad you're going!!

    @jaymes805... I'm running off to read about PILF too since I don't remember what I said! :D

  8. OH RIGHT... PILF... holy fuck that was funny.


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