Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rob In The Outback.

Ok, so I was going to write a post on Rob's new VF photo shoot, but then I noticed the words "It's Britney Bitch" on my blog roll...Picture a kid walking down the street and noticing an ice cream shop. Yup, that's what Brit does to me. I used to LOVE her....before she got all bat shit crazy. But her name still grabs my attention. Anyhoo, Robzsinger pretty much said everything I wanted to say and more.

Originally, when I saw the pic last night on my side bar, I swooned. Then I looked at it on my computer and wanted to hit something.

At least we were graced with a bit of Finger Porn ;)

The hat is the problem...for me. I can deal with the Alligator...but I guess the Alligator wouldn't quite have the same effect minus the hat. I mean Annie Leibovitz was clearly trying to channel......

Crocodile Dundee!

Tip the hat, remove the crocodile teeth, and it's Rob's hat.

I can see why he didn't pose that way...we CAN NOT lose the finger porn. EVER.
Some of the pictures featured look a bit Amish. #Amishward was going around on twitter last night and I was PMSL. How great is that? It's classic.

I heard somewhere (can't remember now of course) that someone said they're trying to de-sexualize Rob. Uh..............what? I don't care how Amish or how Crocodile Dundee he looks, he's still HAWT!

Lose the hat and the alligator and I'm ALL OVER IT.

PS To see more of the HAWT pics from that photo shoot, go here.



  1. Ha that was my first thought last week when the pics leaked. #amishward. Someone needs to get that fic written asap now that we all have this pics in our minds.

    I do loved Brit Brit before she went all bat shit. Such a shame.

    Has anyone else noticed that if they took away the hat, the alligator, untucked the shirt, put a shoe in his hand and a cigarette in his mouth we'd have this: http://bit.ly/g27RCB Hmmmm I think they should have stuck with that!

  2. That photo proves that no matter what Rob's wearing or what prop he's holding, he is absolutely breathtaking. Still, I wish he didn't look like he was just leaving for a walkabout. There's just so many more amazing things they could have done for the cover of VF.

  3. He who cannot be made unsexy.

  4. awww, thanks for mentioning me and Brit. ;) i'm rooting for that girl. i'm also one of the delusional ones that not-so-secretly hopes she and JT get back together. *crosses fingers*

    robidile dundee! lol. if someone told me there was a shot with Rob wrestling a crocodile...THIS is not what i would picture. kind of a fail, VF.

    he's hot. the end.

    @Jaymes - there is an Amishward fic! I'll link you, if you'd like. ;)
    this fandom has it all.

  5. One thing I don't mind about this hat is that one quick flip up with my hand would knock it right off. ;)

    Any day I would prefer his fingers on the piano working out some musical scales to on a reptile.

  6. Jen, he just needs black suspenders and his jeans rolled up to his ankles, with some leopard creepers on. Then he can be all "boy george" and bust into Karma Chameleon. Or maybe some Bananarama? I don't know. I hate his outfit, all of it. But it doesn't mean I don't love him. Just the fucker that dressed him for that cover shot. LOL!

  7. I agree...lose the hat and the gator...I've never been a fan of gators. However, I'm so distracted by his eyes...and the sex stare...and the finger porn...I kinda go right past the weirdness that is Amishward and go straight to the hottness that is Rob.


  8. Robzsinger- Robidile Dundee...you're killing me! LMAO!

    Smitten- VERY TRUE.


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