Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Robsten Spotted With Fans In BC!

Here they are in Squamish BC. According to Robsessed, they were seeing "Red Riding Hood." Awww date night for Robsten. Love them. LOVE THEM.

See KStew peeking in through the back?

I'm totally digging how the girl to Rob's left is totally workin' the camera. You go girl, I'd probably be drooling & or waiting for him to flash his junk ;)



  1. OMG, ROFL! I have images of them asking for a pic, then the girls all muscle forward and shove Kristen out of the way! Poor girl lol! Actually, scrap that seeing as she was the only one that got to go home with him. Meh.

  2. My husband grew up in Squamish BC. I can't believe that I should have gone to watch Red Riding Hood in that piddly ass town just to see Robsten. Sheesh! Hubby will be laughing that Robsten has put Squamish on the map more than the Olympics.

  3. Good for them, going to support CHard, BBurke et al. From time to time I do get a little pissy about the hoards of girls who want photos... but then, I think it's because I read the VF article today. Who am I kidding, I'd be those girls! Sigh.

  4. You already know that I woke up early this morning to emails with this pic from you and Jess. It went a long way in waking me up which was good because I needed to be at work early today.

    Let's see. We broke down the pic in detail didn't we? LOL!

    I swear the boy is still growing.

    I think he's holding a cigarette in his left hand which is why it's so far away from the girl on that side.

    The girl on his right totally has "OMG! OMG! OMG!" running through her head.

    I love that he's still wearing layers: t-shirt, plaid flannel(reminds me of the one he wore for the US magazine photoshoot), hoodie, Carhartt jacket (hubz fave brand), and Kristen ;)

    He still looks thin to me, and I think he should always have a little scruff. Just sayin'.

    Robsten is alive.

    The beanie is alive.

    All is right with the world this morning :)



    PS: Is that Josh Hartnett in the background? LOL!

  5. I'm surprised that they didn't just ask Kristen to move completely. Geez, you can't even see her. Then again, I'm sure these are not Robsten fans, clearly we know who they cared taking pics with. Anyway, lucky girls.

    So. I wonder what Robsten thought of Catherine's movie? I can't give out spoilers but Billy is pretty cool in the flick too. Don't ask me why, but I'm super happy that they took the time to go see her movie and support her. That's awesome.

  6. Awww love that they had date night! So cute! I have missed them so much! Do u think Kristen is hiding or do u think the girls pushed her out of the way? I'd be saying get your pics tweens cause I'm going home with the man:-).
    @Lisa, love your comment about Josh Hartnett. He thought hanging with Robsten would revive his career. Lol!
    Here's to more pics of these two out and about! Yay Canada!

  7. i saw this pic and didn't realize it was a recent pic. i just want to applaud all those girls from not doing inappropriate things to him while they were getting the pic taken....i hope for rob's sake they stayed calm after too!

    it feels so wrong to be jealous of 19 year old girls! but *mutters swears* i am.

    i have to say if i had the opportunity to get a pic taken with rob and kristens i would! i can't believe kstew got shoved in the background!

  8. Who IS that guy in the background? He looks familiar. I'm glad to hear they were supporting Catherine Hardwick.

    There is always something Kristen is saying with her look that I can't quite describe when she is in these fan pictures.


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