Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sista' Sista'!

Elusive S (aka ES, aka my Sista') and I have had some fun times in our lives, and that's not just counting our Twi-ventures.

Take a look!

I warn you, these might not be the most flattering pics, but they show us drunk having a blast.

I think ES was "pretending" to be asleep.
That, or I might have slipped a little wine in her bottle....

Circa 86'...Madonna & Pokemon a Cat

ES "thinks" crimping has come back in style...

I kid. New Years Eve 80's party.

Cheers-ing our 1st 100 Monkeys Concert [in our hotel room bathtub]...Nov 09'

ES likes to kick my ass when I drink....

Dirty BITCH.

Her boobs She keeps me afloat ;)

Thumbs up KStew style. Not sure who the dude is in the back...?

Monkeys Concert #7(?)

Damn photogenic BIATCH.

As you can see, ES is barrels of fun....esp when under the influence ;)

That said, let's get her drunk and ask her questions!

OK, I know, easier said than done...not the getting her drunk part, but the coordinating it all. Sooooo scratch that, she'll answer questions anyway.

Anything you have ever wanted to know about ES? Sure we know she loves Jackson and has a dog..but what else makes this chickadee tick?

Just feel like throwing a random ass scenario at her & see how she responds?

Curious about more of her dating stories?

You Ask, ES Answers!

Put your questions in the comments!
I will take the most interesting/random/funny questions and trick her into answering have her answer them!



  1. Ooh goody! I like this game!

    SOoooo, Es. It's time to play FMK. You know it?

    Fuck, marry, kill. You must assign one of the following to each category. No passing, no comments, no getting out of it. And I want rationales for each please.

    Robert Pattinson
    Peter Facinelli
    Jackson Rathbone

    AND THEN, just for fun: (and yes, you can kill vamps in this example)

    Edward Cullen
    Carlisle Cullen
    Jasper Hale

    Ignore the fact that they may or may not already be in relationships. This is fantasy!

  2. PS You two are GORGEOUS.

    I can't wait for Bloody Mary Sunday. x

  3. OH MY GOD this is horrible! OK running out the door to work, will sit down and have a cry and answer this tonight...

  4. Oh wait am I supposed to answer them in a post... ah yes, obijentini said so.

  5. You girls are so beautiful!! Looks like the love me and my sis share! And so wonderful that u both share a love of Twilight and Rob:).

  6. Oohh goody!

    1. If you HAD to choose (since we had this convo on facebook a few days ago) would you rather be Jackson's wife with kids and have me be the mistress or the other way around? You must choose and explain why.

    2. Most embarrassing moment

    3. Going back to your previous post about dating men, explain one of the nicknames for a guy you've dated in the past.

    4. Worst sexual experience.

    5. Favorite 100 Monkeys song

    6. Least favorite 100 Monkeys song

    7. Whats your favorite picture of Jackson?

    8. Biggest pet peeve about the opposite sex.

    Muhahahahahahah this is fun. :) All the pictures are lovely btw. Love you girls!!!

  7. Excluding 100 Monkeys and Twilight, what are some of your favorite bands and books?

    Boxers or briefs?

  8. Those photos remind me of my sister and me....and my daughters. Sisters are awesome!
    Ok...let me think...
    Barbies or pretty ponies?
    Smurfs or Care Bears?
    Cereal or Oatmeal?

  9. -Favorite Edward and Bella moment?
    -If you could change 1 thing about each Twilight movie, what would you change about each? (I'm expecting 3 answers for this question)
    -Tell us something hilariously embarrassing about your sister. :)

  10. First of all, I love, love, LOVE the pictures of you two :)

    Ok, Sarah, I'll make these all about your husband, Mr. RathBONE, mkay?

    1. Do you like his hair dark or light? Long or short?

    2. Is it me or is his belly button slightly higher than most people? (Not that I've been staring at it or anything.)

    3. Have you ever noticed that he has swollen...knuckles? I'm sure it's from a lot of stroking...of his guitar...but I worry that he has early onset arthritis.

    4. Do you think Jackson is in a Bromance with Ben G.? (As in, when's the last time you've seen him photographed with a girl other than a fan?)

    5. We all know Jackson plays a lot of instruments ;) Do you find him sexier playing the guitar, keyboard, drums, or harmonica?

    Ok. I'll stop now. LOL!

  11. What is your favorite childhood memory?


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