Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gawd Bless Robward & A Farting Elephant.

I wrote a post and it effing disappeared. I was moving one of the pictures & the html code got effe'd up. I went to click compose and it truly DISAFUCKINGPEARED! All my thoughts on how Rob was totally channeling Edward on Leno. How I know he's not Edward [cough, kind of, cough] hawt I think he looked. How I wasn't really into the WFE hair and how I'm so glad he's got his Twi hair back...shit he's almost sportin' the bouffant. EFF ME. I HATE YOU BLOGGER.

All my wittyness at midnight, down the effing drain. Might as well re upload the gorgeous pics.


Yup, I'm typing the color of SHIT. Don't think I'm not doing it on purpose.
I am.
Because I'm pisssssssed.

And because Rob talked about a farting elephant.
It was pretty priceless...

But I'm still pissed.

Oh hai Rob!

The Leno Sex Walk.

Puhleeeeaze someone make this into a video?

I bet that cup would sell for zillions. I was truly waiting for one of the ladies in the front to bum rush the stage in order to get her grimy mits on that thing.

Me likey Smug Rob.


I love you Rob.
That is all.
*Wanna see more pics & the full vid? Go HERE.
*Miss the MTV vids? Go HERE.
Oh & no matter how many times I try and put spaces above, it doesn't save.
Blogger, I am so kickin' your ass when I have some energy tomorrow. Be forewarned.
Still pissed, love you all.


  1. Blogger is constantly a dick. I can't wait to watch the Leno interview! Was watching the MTV one in all of it's million different clips, until you so nicely posted the link on Elusive S' fb page. Thanks for that :)

  2. Rob looked delicious! I totally love his hair when it's long enough for that "just got outta bed" look. YUM!!

  3. Sigh. He is perfect. I hope the Rob drought days are over now! Jen, I'm sorry blogger was making you so crazy, but it cracks me up that you were purposefully typing in the "color of shit." Love ya!!

  4. "Elephants have a huge ass" Oh Rob, your candor is our undoing ;)

    Jen, do you know any html? I found on Blogger it wouldn't do things I wanted it to, so I went under the html page after I put everything on there that I wanted, and tweaked it. Annoying but effective. I agree with Sue "color of shit" so appropriate!!

  5. *in Rob's voice* So Blogger did a huge f-a-a-a-a-a-t? Sucks.

  6. You know what? You may be pissed, but I really really enjoyed this post :-)

    @VampiresWeLove is right - learn a bit of basic html and you'll be giving blogger in standard edit mode the big fat finger every time it messes you up!

    CC x


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