Thursday, March 3, 2011

Now That I Can Breathe....

A while back my little Picasa program recommened I try I checked it out quickly but was in the midst of doing other things. This time around, @Jaymes805 recommended it, when I'd asked her how she'd made her photos look super sweet. Most editing features are free, then there are a few that cost a monthly fee.

Anyhoo, after watching the WFE trailer a couple times, posting it and then watching it again, I'm now ready to talk about it.

Mmmmm, maybe not.

That said, check out these pictures I "enhanced."


Mmm, love me some serious Rob.

Beautiful. Even with a bloody lip.Align Left

I'm not sure I'll have much to say about WFE until after Aril 22nd, 2011. I definitely plan to see it RIGHT when it comes out. Hmm, if it's a weekend, I'm up for midnight showing shenanigan. Anyone? Anyone?

P.S. Totally random, but DG (my s/0) read the book while we were in Maui and liked it. I was impressed he gave it a chance after knowing Rob was going to play Jacob. And the cherry on the cake? He saw the trailer tonight on AI & said he believes Rob is going to go on and do great things [Twilight wasn't great?] But he was worried that Reese would overshadow him... Hmmmm. Very poignant s/o! However, I assured him it's probably 80% Twilight fans that are going to see this movie, and most of us are ONLY going to be paying attention to Rob. Ok, I take it back, I love Reese as a lot of you do...I think they make a great duo...for THE MOVIE that is ;



  1. Wow, I'm impressed that your s/o read WFE. I didn't even ask since I know that Mr NotSmitten wouldn't even consider it due to the Rob connection. Too bad, it's a great story. I guess it's no matter, since I'll force him to watch the movie the day it comes out on dvd.

    I loved the new trailer. Robowski FTMFW! This is gonna be such a great movie, and hopefully highlight Rob's acting talents better than Twilight has. We all know he's great in the saga, but I'd like some of those naysayers to have to eat their words!

  2. Midnight showing? I'm in there like swimwear! Be nice to meet in middle, u r in CA right? I'm in Nashville. Boo:(. Love the enhanced pics! Le sigh!


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