Friday, March 4, 2011

Robsten- Marry you

Love this. That is all.



  1. Love it, Jen! The way he looks at her melts my heart. I'm sure it's melted hers too :)

    The song is adorable. I'd never heard it before.

    And the use of Rob's quote at the end just says it all. *le sigh*



  2. They are so freaking adorable.

  3. Gah! I love them. They look so beautiful together, especially in that old Vanity Fair footage. Also, love the pics from after the Eclipse premiere, KStew looks tipsy and like she is at the point where she doesn't care what people think, they are like clutching on to each other.

    This video made me smile:) I never think to do a Robsten vid because there are SO many out there, but this is giving me the itch.

    It's addictive, the way he looks at her.

  4. Beautiful!! I just love the way he looks at her and vice versa! Makes my heart melt!!

  5. Yup - this is a fantastic vid. There were a couple of things that irked me, but nothing can detract from the way they look at one another... beautiful!

  6. @twiredjen @17foreverlisa well its official..i'm always late to the party! this is the vid i was trying to send you on twitter yesterday.

    i floved it! i'm glad you loved it too!

    i'm beginning to see a sweet little pattern here @twiredjen @chloecougar @jaymes805@robzsinger @17foreverlisa these ladies are like the welcome wagon to new twitarted hoors. thanks i've loved getting to know all you hoors!

    i love all your sites! thanks for being so nice to a newbie twitarted hoor!

  7. @libby- If you like Robsten, hopefully you'll love our blog. I don't post every single day like I used to, I go through phases, but I'm a HUGE Robsten fan.

    No need to thank us all, we always accept new Twitards! How new are you? When did you read the books? What got to obsessed? I always love hearing peoples stories!

    xo J

  8. @TwiredJen well you want to know i'll tell you! *warning* this might be long and annoying!

    kay, so i lost my twi virginity the week of december 7th through the 12th.2009. i had never been so owned by a book as i was by twilight. i love to read but i had never been owned by a series like twi did to me.

    i made fun of people that read it but once i read it owned me. i didn't sleep or eat while i was reading it! i'm really quite normal in all other aspects of my life. i have a husband who i love and 2 kiddos that i adore but this series made me make them have cereal for dinner and kind of ignore them.....that was not my proudest mommy moment.

    i am in love with this story. even though its filled with vampires and werewolves.

    so now i read a lot of fanfic and just very recently decided to reach out to other twitarted hoors who i think get it just like i did.

    i'm very thankful i have talked to so many amazing peeps who understand and can laugh at our obsession.

    love your site @twired jen. i'll be back here often. just tweet when you post. thanks for being so nice to a new hoor:)


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