Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cum Cullens...

Jackson was recently interviewed on a local morning radio show, and as usual, he sounds sexy as hell. Go HERE to listen! Admittedly, he sounds a bit muffled...being a Jackson expert, I've heard him crystal clear...and it's AMAZING!

Anyhoo, he makes mention of Edwards bachelor party in BD...SQUEEE! We didn't get ANY details in the book, other than that it would be tame. I'm wondering how much of a glimpse they'll give us???

What are your thoughts? Vampire strippers? Humans on parade (you know, Jessica & Angela throw on the booty shorts and do a little shimmy...) ?

Or maybe......


"Cum Cullen boys, I'll show you a REAL Bachelor Party. Have you met Svetlana?"




  1. I need new paaaaaaaaants!!! His voice is pure sex. You know what's funny is that I read in an interview that he said he's actually shy. And ever since I read that, I can see it/hear it a little bit in interviews and also saw it at the meet and greet. After he starts talking he gets over it but there's always a little glimpse of it at the beginning.

    I'm hoping him, Rob, Kellan, and Peter strip for the bachelor party. That's a valid wish, yes? :)

    Can't wait till MAAAAAAAY!

  2. Oh Jen you crack me up.

    I hope it starts with Jackson sliding into the living room pantless with his white socks on singing "Old Time Rock and Roll" and dancing around.

    Then they'll call for a stripper.

  3. Vampire strippers, LOL. OMG I know Ed's a prude and all, but I just realized he's never even seen bewbies! Someone buy that boy a lapdance STAT!!!! I'll volunteer to perform it, cuz I'm generous like that!

    The only vampires I want to see naked are the Cullen boys, and somehow I doubt that will happen. It's still a valid wish though Jaymes!!! We have nothing if we don't have hope!!! ;)


  4. this is hilarious. ooh, can't wait! the cullen boys being boys...well, vampire boys, but still. LOVE. IT.

    off to listen to JBone.

  5. Mmmmmmmm that accent....

    Sorry, you were saying?


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